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25 August 2012


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Well then, there is some hope! Now, if we could only find our own christian "sufis" ... then again, I think they exist as well especially at the local levels.

Of course, they're probably known as agnostics and church haters! :)




I was unaware that Khomeini was a mystic. i thought he was a philosopher. the two things do not seem compatible to me. Ghazali was a Sufi in his early years but then became someting much more like a speculative theologian. He was no friend of the Sufis in his later years but, then, like everyone else he had "been shown the instruments of torture." pl

Babak Makkinejad

He was a student of the philosophical tradition that sought to synthesize mystical and rational knowledge with Islam.

In a ltter to on of his sons he admonished him to never doubt the veracity of mystical experience & knowledge.

He also wrote mystical poetry in the form of ghazal.

Medicine Man

Col.: Do you know of any good books about Sufi Islam?



>y advice would be to read books by Western scholars. If you read books by Sufis about Sufis,. you will be reading sermons. I continue to recomment "The Venture of Islam" by Marshall Hodgson. 3 volumes in paperback. pl

Medicine Man

Thank you, sir. That sounds like what I'm looking for.


"The dogmatic hate mystics in every religion."

I believe you've expressed a universal truth here.

Alba Etie

Our USA Constitution also stipulates we have freedom from religion . I am a live & let live Christian who wishes to practice Jesus 's teachings the other six days per week besides Sunday. But here at the intersection of our politics and religion if I am forced to choose between the American Taleban Tea Party sponsored by their corporate greedmasters ie the Koch Brothers and the 'heretics' then sign me up with the agnostics. IMO the Salafist/wahabees and the Christian Dominionist are the two sides of the same religious fascist world view -

Babak Makkinejad

Mysticism, sacred and profane;: An inquiry into some varieties of praeter-natural experience by R. C Zaehner


Hindu And Muslim Mysticism by R. C. Zaehner


Bless you, sir.

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