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05 August 2012


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Amen. pl


A fresh breath of Realpolitik. Inhale deeply.

Babak Makkinejad


Dr, Kissinger is publicly acknowledging the limits of the United States.

It could be a start.

Or it could fall on deaf ears.



As you know this has been my consistent position. IMO the BHO group will ride this dying pony until it collapses and then like the mythical Apaches of management school legend will build a fore under it to get it up to ride it some more. pl

ex-PFC Chuck

"Progress toward a world order embracing participatory governance and international cooperation requires the fortitude to work through intermediate stages."

It becomes ever more difficult to influence other countries toward participatory governance when that same participatory governance is being undermined here at home by endemic "dependence corruption," to use Lawrence Lessig's term in his book "Republic, Lost", and the broad push for voter ID laws that have the effect of disenfranchising millions.


And then eat the horse.


Kissinger seems to think that everyone wants "a world order embracing participatory governance and international cooperation". The man should be old enough now to realise that democracy isn't a panacea and only works in certain situations with certain populations.

When the majority is violently opposed to the minority, what does he expect the minority will do? Lie down and die for 'democratic values'? Perhaps use the levers of democracy instead while the other side machine guns the minority in the street?

It seems with many commenters that they want a state of 'anarcho-tyranny', where the rules apply for one group while another group is allowed to do whatever it wants and the authorities claim thier hands are tied. Its happening in Syria and its happening here: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/colorado-family-unable-move-home-squatters-file-bankruptcy/story?id=16896984

If the family had tossed the squaters out on thier ear and taken back thier house I bet the law enforcement agencies who were claiming they had no jurisdiction would be down there so very fast. Disgusting.


You really think its an awful thing to have to show ID to vote? I have to show ID to fly, to buy alcohol, tobacco, etc, but the idea that someone has to show an ID to vote has somehow become this unclimbable hill in the minds of waaaay too many liberals.


Honestly, I think we're past the 'build the fire' stage and the 'eat the horse' stage.

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