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07 August 2012


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Babak Makkinejad

The statement "...that will not be tolerated.." is often made by very inexperienced project managers in their first assignments.

If they do not learn otherwise, they will not last long...

Al Spafford

I read this as "fluff" speak. She stated "not tolerated by...Syrian people" Well, WHICH "Syrian people", then! Seems like various "Syrian people" are bringing in buddies from where ever they can be found. Is she joining the "Three Stooges" (McCain. Graham, Lieberman), or likely has long ago joined them, in pushing for USA entry.


Hypocrisy, narcissism. Broken record.

FB Ali

On this evening's news NBC's correspondent inside Syria, Richard Engel, dropped his usual spiel about rebel successes and govt atrocities and instead gave a breathless account of how Al Qaeda was flooding into Syria.

Perhaps this realisation is slowly sinking into people in the US media and government. It will be interesting to see how both now commence to backtrack from their previous totally one-sided approach to the conflict.

different clue

Her statement almost seems in the spirit of "the Great and Powerful Oz has spoken!" uttered in the wishful hope that the statement will be enough.

If she has been/ is being a dutiful and effective Secretary of State, then would any narcissism and hypocrisy
appearing to be channeled through her actually be coming from above?


I think Hillary was referring to Iran's Revolutionary Guard - conveniently overlooking various sponsored Sunni groups. Why should we expect otherwise? This is just Hillary being Hillary - no different from everything else she's done over the past year and a half. Can one cite an exception to that generalization?

I have seen no evidence and heard no evidence that she ever sought to raise her foreign policy skill level. This is the celebrity syndrome: get on as many magazibe covers as you can while the camera's still pointed at you, generate virtual realities, and you have it made until you ride the wave ride into an assisted living facility. (Little different in dynamics than Kim Kardashian). Any different from Condoleezza Rice or other Bush veterans?

Of course she is Secretary of State of the United States. So her attitude and behavior have consequences. But we have long since dropped standards of knowledge, competence and public responsibility is measuring candidates for all kinds of important positions. It is no longer incredible; its the norm

Alba Etie

Do you think its true that the "FSA" has captured forty or so Iranians in Syria - al Jezerra says they are Iranian Republican Guards . If this is true could the neo cons use this as an excuse to escalate the Syrian Civil War into a regional war to 'teach the Iranians ' a lesson ?

Bill H

One of the things I learned about leadership, as a petty officer in the Navy actually, was never to employ the phrase that something "will not be tolerated." It brands you as a pretentious tyrant who has no real authority and as someone who can be run over like a tank runs over a watermelon.

Bill H

On NBC you say? But CBS is proudly saying that Syria does not allow foreign correspondents and that only CBS has managed to slip their intrepid and informative reporters in for "exclusive" reports. So how is NBC trespassing on CBS's exclusivity?


Hillary: ""[UNLESS THEY ARE ALIGNED WITH THE USA], those who are attempting to exploit the situation by sending in proxies or terrorist fighters must realize that will not be tolerated, first and foremost by the Syrian people, " she added.

There. I fixed Hillary's quote.

Medicine Man

It's the use of passive voice that does it. Saying "I will not tolerate XYZ" drops all the pretense. Of course in Hillary's case she's trying to talk without saying anything so...

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