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24 August 2012


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Is it possible to kill anyone in the FSA without it being labeled a "massacre"?


Good column from Fisk on Beirut exhibition of Goya's Disasters Of War.

Section compares effects of photos to that of these sketches:
"There is much less interpretation in photographs. But there is a depth of misery in these sketches. You can dive into them. The photographs are real but they only shock you, so in the photos, something is shut off from you."

Fisk can be a nut case at times BUT unlike the supposed "news jurnos", he is there on the ground and always has compassion for especially the unarmed civilians.

I like your use of the print.

Charles I

From Rothko to whoever, you are a dab hand with the artwork. Do I recall learning somehwere on PBS that that's His Imperial Majesty Don Maximiliano I throwing up his hands above?


Chatles I

Goya of course. I believe eare supposed to be french soldiers. pl


There was a 'mock horror' report on the beeb which the FSA is shown treating a badly bruised SA captive with a cigarette and gentility and promising to adhere by 'the Geneva conventions'. Next you see him bound and blind-folded, loaded in the cab of an explosive-laden pickup which was later found to have been used in a 'matyrdom' suicide bombing. Nice chaps, eh ?

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