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05 August 2012


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Like during the Apollo missions, we again get to engage in wonder. USA!

Allen Thomson

Fun Fact from Physics:

The entry and landing sequence of MSL tonight is going to take about seven minutes. But at the time Mars will be 13.8 light-minutes from Earth, so the entire process will take place outside our future light cone, in a region of space-time from which we're absolutely excluded.


Anyway, I join everyone in hoping that MSL will at last locate the banths. Deja Thoris would be a definite plus.

The Twisted Genius

Just got an email from the RPI alumni association. They're doing a Google+ hangout tonight with Laurie Leshin, dean of the School of Science at RPI. She was previously deputy associate administrator of exploration systems for NASA and had a lot to do with the mission. Seems a lot of RPI alumni are involved with the project. I think I'll join them. I might get some inside scoop.

Here's a Laurie Leshin article on the mission:


Allen Thomson

Oh, and we should note that Curiosity, like Gort, has a beam weapon built into its head:



The Twisted Genius

Curiosity is on the surface of Mars and transmitting pictures. Watched the JPL feed of the landing. That was exciting to watch. Everyone's going crazy in the control room. Great stuff!

r whitman

Does anyone have the website of the NASA live feed from the vehicle?? Please post.

SAC Brat


I've got my fingers crossed that this explorer has a longer than projected mission life like its predecessors. (Also a big Hubble fan)

Data. More data.

John Minnerath

So far it appears the landing was a success!
Have to say all my fingers and toes are still crossed. This is a major program and we really needed it to work.
This will go a long way in renewing interest in our foundering space exploration activities.

Allen Thomson

Latest interesting pic, this shot of Curiosity descending on its parachute as seen by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite. (I remember a day when the ability to take such a picture would have been Very Secret. Time moves on.)


Allen Thomson

And let's not think that the undeserving victims of this interplanetary aggression are not, piteously, rightly, crying out in their anguish.


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