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08 August 2012


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"That might save the Saudis from the wrath of the righteous." PL

How unfortunate. In a better world, all the Saudi-funded Jihadis would be "liberating" Riyadh.

William R, Cumming

Have just returned from 3500 mile driving trip going cold turkey on most news and computer! ASTONISHED at three things since last long trip decades ago. First CELL towers
Second signs on Interstates to many CASINOS! Third massive fields of wind turbines!

I leave to others to draw conclusions as to progress!

john mashl

So where in the world is Bandar Bin Sultan?


john mashi

perhaps he is shy. pl

Lord Curzon

Heh - It'll take a little more than a couple of fingers of Black Label to revive Bandar! When these latter day Ummayyads have finally been removed, perhaps the Bani Hashim from the north can finally claim their right. A daydream, I know...


Lord Curzon

I'll drink to that! pl

Lee Lindeman

Am I the only reader of SST who is disturbed by the photo of a beheading? It took my breath away? Good grief Pat!
What made it necessary to publish this horror?

Likely you'll ban me from publishing comments as you seem to do frequently when someone disagrees with you.

No I am not Leander, I am Leanderthal.


Lee Lindeman

Grow up. If you are American, British, Australian or Canadian they are your government's allies. You are helping them to overthrow the Syrian government. This is what they do. Live with it, or not. Shall i put on photos of amputations for theft? How about women being stoned to death for adultery? pl


It was probably good for me to see this picture. It would have been far worse in color so I am very grateful it wasn't.

It will not cause me to lose sleep tonight. Maybe it would be better for me if it would, which is something for me to think about.

Still, I hope you don't do this again for a long, long time, if ever.

Interesting that the prisoner is formally dressed in Western clothing.



that is not Western clothing. The beheaded is wearing a thaub. That is a long nghtshirt kind of thing that is normal Saud dress. the jacket has become normal Saudi dress. People are usally beheaded for murder, child rape, blashphemy, apostasy and other similar crimes. Executions are usually carried out in front ot the central mosque after Friday prayers with a large enthusiastic audience. Saudis like to take Westerners to these events to see what you are made of. Neither you nor Leanderthal would pass. After you threw up or fainted at the scene you would be treated with disdain forever. You can expect that these penalties will be introduced in Syria after the revolution succeeds. pl



I do not ban people for disagreeing with me. I ban them for insult, ad hominem attacks, aspersions cast on people's motives and the like. Feel free not to comment here. pl


no I hope he does not ban you....I hope you just go away on your own, frankly. To a PBS website perhaps?



i won't ban hin unless he breaks one of my rules. pl


Picture reminded me of photos my father brought back from Japan in 1946. They were taken in China as far as I remember.

Paul Barrios

What is saving the Saudis (for now) is their de facto alliance with Israel. The Zionists see them as useful idiots for funding the attempted overthrow of Syria, the Yemeni regime change, and of course the Egyptian counterrevolution.

As long as they continue knocking off the "others" they're safe. But eventually, (or so the Zionists hope) there will be no one of note left to knock off; and then the Saudis may discover what it's like to be Ceauşescu.

different clue

But that assumes that Israel would like to see the Assad-Baath government removed. I still don't understand why Israel would be assumed to want that. The Assad government has kept the long cold truce with Israel for several decades now. Does Israel really think a Salafi Sunniform government would do the same? If they think that, can they even be said to be thinking?

Medicine Man

Well here's the 64k question: Would the rulers of Saudi Arabia getting overthrown be such a bad thing? Would they likely be replaced with a group worse from the standpoint of US interests?


It also reminded me of something out of imperial Japan.


The french still used the Guillotine until not so long ago. The spaniards used the garrot. Not sure what is so disturbing here. The end result is the same.
Maybe a lethal injection looks more clinical and "civilized".
I remember reading a piece on the guy whose job it is to behead in SA. He took it very seriously and took pride in doing it very swiftly and cleanly.
If the saudis have their way and the western continues to consider them friends and allies, the number of muslim countries where Sharia will be strictly applies will increase.

I can only wholeheartedly support what Pat has been saying for a long time: the salafists (and their various declinations) have only one objective and that is that is the return of the caliphate as a first step. When you are convinced that Islam is the only perfect and true religion and that your idea of the golden age is medieval (and not the Cordoba variety), you can guess what the next step is.

David Habakkuk

Lord Curzon,

On Bandar, nothing much seems to have surfaced publicly since the not entirely convincing denial of the Voltaire Net report by the Arab News on 4 August. I do not know whether Voltaire Net is accurate in describing this paper as the ‘official mouthpiece of the royal family.’

The response by Voltaire Net concluded:

“Taking note of the information relayed by Arab News on the activities of Prince Bandar, Voltaire Network wishes him a speedy recovery and expresses the hope that no formal commitments will crop up to interfere with his convalescence.”

I had always assumed that the fate of Bandar was likely to be one of those subjects – they sometimes seem rather few – on which MI6 would be in a position to obtain prompt and reliable information. But so far, I can see no coverage of the story in the British press and broadcast media at all.

David Habakkuk

As a congenital member of the wimp tendency, I am most glad to see this photo posted. Indeed, it would an excellent thing if such photos were featured regularly in the New York Times and Washington Post – perhaps to accompany the extraordinary recent encomium of Prince Bandar by David Ignatius in the latter paper.

Had photographs of beheadings by Chechen insurgents been featured in this way back in the 1990s, the FBI’s Radical Fundamental Unit might not have been convinced that Ibn al-Khattab was simply a ‘dissident’, who could not conceivably intend to harm the United States. Permission to search the laptop of his disciple Zacarias Moussaoui would have been granted, and the attack on the World Trade Center might have been averted.


"Sybaritic", a great expression and so wonderfully apt, particularly in this context.


Nancy K

jonst, it is good to have various opinions, the truth is hardly ever one sided. I like PBS, I find it just as fair and balaced as Faux news. It looks as if his head was taken off with 1 cut, a lot quicker than the executions in Texas.


Nancy K

You are not the first American to tell me that the Saudi system of punishments (Sharia) is not so bad. OK. Next time I am invited to one of these things you can come along. Then we can go to an amputation for theft. Repeat offenders loose one hand, then the other, then a foot and then the other. A stoning is always "fun" as well. If the woman is not well enough anesthetized in her bag she makes a lot of noise before the 2 or 3 pound rocks break her teeth and smash her face. That takes care of business. BTW, you may remember that I am opposed to capital punishment on religious grounds, any capital punishment, pl


I imagine the recidivism rate is quite low in SA plus they do not seem to have people running around shooting each other with handguns on a daily basis. A large contrast over our court system.

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