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26 August 2012


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This sounds like something I would write.

Bravo, Anonymous. I hope you write some more.

dan of  steele

great rant. lest we abandon hope, perhaps this short piece will remind us of the danger of cynicism


Odd to find myself paraphrasing Ayn Rand but here goes: They can avoid reality but they can't avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.


RE: "this belief [that] springs from the notion that humans are so much alike everywhere that surely they must all want to become part of the West and in doing that reject their "worthless" outmoded ways"

Yes, [this is a MOST ridiculous a$$umption] but what alternatives are there?

MOST folks outside the U.S. DO NOT want to be like the West.

Never-ending war between the West & the Rest?


JLM, sad events there. I wonder how many folks fled as fasts as they could from working with/under her?


This rant seems long on name-calling, short of facts, and curiously selective in its aspersions.

Remind me what proportion of the people who initially engineered and authorized the Great Crusade Against Terror were of the wrong "sex and skin color", or "of democrat extraction"?

Babak Makkinejad

Lenin said as much.


With apologies to GRRM:

"Blue or Red, a Dragons is still a Dragon."

I just hop, and I'm probably wrong, this hubris does not spread to the military. The General-grade Officers bend the knees faster than Privates, Field-grade Officers are eager for advancement, but Company-grade Officers deal with reality. There is still hope in the darkness.

SAC Brat

Somewhere a master of the universe is crying. Rand paraphrasing Lenin.


''They can avoid reality but they can't avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.''

Yea they can. They're all like the Bush II aide who remarked that 'they' create reality and while we're all sitting around discussing the reality they go on to create a new reality. Reality is to them is whatever they say reality is.

They all have Munchausen's by proxy syndrome anyway....they stir up sick shit so they can put on their taxpayer provided Batman capes and prance around the world pretending to cure the sick shit they created..then rinse and repeat and on to more sick shit.

BTW if you like Ayn Rand you should love these idiots. Rand's whole premise was that averge people were dunces,common labor was basically worthless and elite and superior leaders and innnvoators alone made the world go round. She neglected to understand that if these 'lessers' jump ship the elites would be adrift in their Grand Visions boat without a motor or paddles, to get anywhere. A realist she wasn't.

Will Reks

Apparently the State Dept was a bastion of competence before them Democrats took over the place and ruined things with their diversity and multicult.

Some reasonable things in there but a lot of it reads as a jumble of personal dislikes thrown together in a stream of consciousness rant.

I just don't buy that there was some purge of experienced, valuable assets. Where's the proof of this? A different group gained influence, that's for sure.

The foreign policy hands that dominated GHWB's WH were on a different page from those in GWB's WH who seemed to be taking their marching orders from the Knesset.

Nancy K

toto, right on. As if Scalia and Thomas were great choices.

r whitman

Tyler, you could do a lot better than this crybaby whiner.


Uh, how is Scalia not a good choice other than "Hurr he makes me mad!!!" His opinion alone on Graham vs Connor is fascinating, to say nothing of his recent opinions on SB1070 and Obamacare.

Have you read any of his decisions or just had your outlook decided for you by Rachel Maddox?


I think he was making the point that cultural marxism and the Jacobins/Frankfurt School adherents were the ones who fucked up State.


Appreciate the compliment, but I agree with many of the sentiments expressed.


Connect the dots, and you'll see which race is agitating behind the scenes constantly.

Stephen Jones

I think the attempt to imply some sort of equivalency between the American terrorist numbskull Neocons and the dreaded female careerists in the foreign policy arena suggests this particular 'Anonymous' might be well served to get back on his meds and resume treatment for his 'mommy problems'.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, a common enough failing of people with high IQ.

They are smart but without (common) sense....

As they say, you can go to college and study enough philosophy to ruin the rest of your life...


That wasn't supposed to be a rant. It was a comment inside a post with its proper context. It was emphatic as it should be.

But man, I really like the fool's picture! I'm long schooled in the arts of being the last to laugh, usually at my own misery, though never at my own prediction errors.

Still, I'd like to remind people of two things:

First, the only reason there are neocons inside the republican party is the protection given them by the democrat wing during the culture wars. Before people laugh at the sight of Romney's foreign policy team, they should perhaps see in it the very capitulation of republicans to the democrat-based jewish network, media and politics.

Second, the responsibility for the whole NUMEC affair and its disastrous consequences lies entirely in the shoulders of democrats. The renowned scientist giving cover to the israeli operative, the LBJ administration and the jewish admiral opening the doors, all of them democrats. No wonder there were so few comments in that most grievous thread.

To me the general jacobin overtake theory hides the hard truth that it was from machinations inside the democrat party, fuelled by zionist money, that the american people lost their freedom and future. That's my view. I'm a foreigner and a fool.



The picture of a jester was not meant to depict you but rather the army of ignorant fools who currently inhabit the US Government. My apologies, I will take down the picture. pl

Paul in NC

My question is: why print this in this forum? Is it supposed to be provocative? I can find crap like this on any comment section in the right wing fever swamps. I hope for better when I come here.


Paul in NC

Once again, I run this place and not you. You should get out of NC more and learn to deal with reality in Washington.. I agree with much if not all of what he says. As he says the Executive Branch has been purged of anyone of any real stature and the old people have been replaced with PC servants of special interest who usually know nothing in the true sense. Why do you think we are folloeing such idiot policies in the ME. Goodbye, hopefully forever. I thought I had run you off before. pl

different clue

Someone should write a novel about the 'lessers' jumping ship. They could title it . . . Spartacus Shrugged.

Will Reks

Ok, so it's the Democrats' fault that the Republican foreign policy element has been taken over by neocons and zionists.

I do recall reading that many of the early neocons were former Trotskyites but they left behind any affiliation with the left decades ago.

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