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03 August 2012


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No one knows who would replace Bashir if he fell, and there is a significant probability that it would be someone even more dedicated to Islamic fundamentalism. The imposition of sharia is a driver to the conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, as well as persistent racism against black Sudanese. A more fundamentalist government would see intensified conflict and could represent a new haven for terrorists on Egypt's southern border and across the Gulf from KSA.


It tells me--anyway--all I need to know about the state of the Nation, that a man could make a viable run for President, in what he declares is a time of war (and therefore requires 'adjustments' to our constitutional protections) and increased defense spending....and this man has 5 or 6 sons, not one of them in the military or has been in the military. And the vast majority of Americans seem fine with that. And certainly our elite seem fine with it.

So have at it...from Sudan to Kabul and all points in between. And this is no endorsement of Obama...I don't foresee his daughters rushing down to the recruiting office when they come of age.


A more cynical take: The US is now militarizing all business and diplomacy challenges with countries aligned with China or tilting economically toward China.

It is so 1895. Will we have a Venezuela Border Crisis next?

The Moar You Know

"I have always thought that the neocons are really a left internationalist movement disguised in conservative clothing."

As I recall, that's exactly where the first bunch came from.

The movement has left their origins behind. Frankly, I think neocons aren't really about the left/right divide anymore. It's simply a big helping of foam-fingered "USA #1", mixed with a belief staggering in its certitude that the forcible export of American-style democracy solves all problems everywhere, despite ample and continuing proof that this is not the case.

This myth is terribly attractive to Americans of all ideological stripes, a siren song of American Exceptionalism that demands blood sacrifices from all save for those who benefit from the bloodshed. You could say it's one of the few common beliefs left to our nation.



The neocon movement has trotskyite roots. It was a natural thing for the second generation to be anti-Stalinist. IMO they retain a taste for permanent revolution in addtition to the other baggage that you mentioned. pl

r whitman

My history is a little bit fuzzy, but isn't this the place that the British empire got their asses whupped 130 years ago??

Paul Escobar

To all,

I would rather this all be some giant conspiracy over resources. That would imply the existence of sensible - perhaps overly self-interested - men at the very top. Reason or events stand a chance of influencing such people.

In Greg Palast's book 'Armed MadHouse', he self-admittedly uses his "Jewiness" to observe & interview these neo-con's during the birth & subsequent death of their Iraq project.

While some may forgive the neo-con's initial enthusiasm, most will find their reaction to the unfolding disaster chilling. It's not that they're scary people. It's that they behave like stubborn children who refuse to believe Santa Claus doesn't exist...even when you sit them in front of a gift-less tree overnight.

Palast believes they are the product of long dateless nights & battle experience derived from board-games. Something like Reese Witherspoon's character in the movie 'Election'.

I've always regarded 'Election' as a horror film...

Medicine Man

I agree. They're not conservatives in any classic sense. The "Con" in NeoCon is simply branding. I wouldn't be surprised if their left-to-right transition was largely just to follow whichever party had their hands on the reins of power.

David Habakkuk

Certainly the neocons had Trotskyist roots.

But then, they also had roots in the 'conservative revolution' of interwar Europe: so Leo Strauss comes, to a substantial extent, out of Carl Schmitt -- the very clever pseudo-conservative German lawyer who became an advocate for Hitler.

To an old British Cold War liberal like myself -- one of whose starting points was Sir Karl Popper's reworking of Edmund Burke for social democrats -- this is, curious as it may seem, oddly comforting.

With neoconservatism -- be it in its American incarnations, or in the British variants whose control over our politics is only beginning to be challenged -- it is as though the old red-brown alliance rides again.


I think it is a form of Bolshevism. They place so much faith in revolutions and the promise of 'modernity' or some sort of city on a hill. A closer inspection of history suggests that revolutions are rarely a good thing. They often destroy the good with the bad in society, just as they enfranchise the hardest and most radical.

Ishmael Zechariah

"fuzzy" is it? You must somehow be channeling Kipling:

" So 'ere's ~to~ you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, at your 'ome in the Soudan;
You're a pore benighted 'eathen but a first-class fightin' man;"


Funny how things link up.

Ishmael Zechariah

Babak Makkinejad

When the anti-Federalists were defeated in US Civil War, both the slaves and the Federalists were freed.

Like her European counterparts, the Imperial Project then became the dominant consensus in US Foreign policy in late 19-th Century. A consensus that has persisted to this day.

The neo-conservatives shared the same consenus but sought to advance that project through robust use of military force when the Peace of Yalta collaped in 1991.

Their aim was the creation of facts-on-the-ground during the interregum when other world powers were too weak to oppose their designs.

I think that within US Foreign Policy consensus, the neo-conservatives cannot be rightly criticized for their methods - only for their failures in spite of their methods.

Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.

Gorgon Stared

Up until 9/11, the neocons were writing op-eds about the threat from China. They rationalized the destraction as a means to contain the rising superpower by some abstract control over the gulf, as though boots made might. Osama was Asimov's Mule, and the smarter Chinese focused their efforts elsewhere biding their time.

Africom and all their other genius are too stupid or too late. China plays Go, the Persians play chess, and we play checkers. And the checkerboard is made in China.

Jim Ticehurst

Pat...I have asked myself the same question about the Necons and Far Leftist that control both major Partys in the USA..

Is the same true about America...that No Matter who you vote for..you will always get an INTERNATIONALIST....?

In that way,,there is the Assurance that they will always be moving forward..toward thier respective Visions and Goals of helping Establish a New World Order/New World Government..After all..that is what both are calling for..,

Both Partys have Undermined the United States ..and its Foreign and domestic Security;;through wasting vast amounts of Money and Human Resources..Civilian and Military..and weakened our Global Influence....Either way..Its very demoralizing and and does Nothing for the General Welfare of the American people..

No..Its all about helping establish New Orders around the World..and in Obamas Case...establishing a "New Order"
inside the United States..

Actually, the writers of this Washinton
Post OpEd John Prendergast and Dave Eggers, are well known Global Activists..Prendergast is co-founder of the "Enough Project' " and the "Satellite Sentinel" Project.Both have been Guest Speakers at the Center for African Studies at Berkley..This op ed was Intended to be co-ordinated with Hillary Clintons visit to the Sedan..and he posts it also in the NY Times..He Believes that Obama should Avoid a Clinton like "Rwanda Moment"..Current Obama Special Envoy to Sudan...Maj. General Scott Granton..says we have No leverage there..

Pendergrast suggests we are going from an Arab Spring...to a "Sudan Summer"..

What Prendergrast calls on Obama to do..is to put the US in the position of supporting Sanctions,Embargos and Cutting Arms shipments to President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan..so his attacks on S.Sudan will end and avoid further war..That may Hard to do, since China supply N. Sudan with all its high Tech Weapons..S.Sudan is warning Bejing about Playing Both sides..

Apparent S. Sudan controls the Switchs on all the Oil Pumps..and the Pipelines run through N. Sudan..

Actually..there is another interesting Op/ed on Sudan in the Washington Post on May 11th..2012..It is by Georgetown Professor ANDREW S NATSIOS..George Ws. Envoy to Sudan...His Op/Ed is Titled To Stop the War on S.Sudan,the US Should send Weapons..

Since BHO is running out of time...and Already helped establish a New Middle east Order..Perhaps he will be satisfied with his..(Leftist Liberation Movement) Part..in the scheme of things...Start Troop Withdrawls..from the Middle East.....and perhaps He is Only helping lay the Groundwork for Romney..and the Neo Cons ..in Case the United States must again Justify Military Intervention Throughout Africa..for the Greater Cause of a "New African Order"...
As you say...they seem to go Hand in Hand..
One Right hand..One Left Hand.....Same Body..

Jim Ticehurst

Hillary Clinton has met with new S. Sudan President,Salva Kirr..in an effort to resolve its Oil Fee disputes with N. Sudan that have shut down oil production..Apparently she had some sucess..Also..according to an Article in the BBC online..Titled "Hillary Clinton Urges Sudan..S.Sudan agreements.." she Angered China, by criticism of Chinas Involvement in Africa..She is on a 11 day African tour..that also included Kenya, Uganda,Malawi South Africa and Ghana..

Babak Makkinejad

Is the name "Kirr" the same word that means "penis" on Arabic?

Jim Ticehurst

I doubt it Babak...I suspct you are thinking of the Persian slang word...KEER...which has a similar meaning and has a popular use among Persian Speaking youth..

Actually the President of South Sudans full name is Salva "KIRR" Mayardit...He is a Christian AND
dedicated Catholic...and I suspect his parents were too...as his first Name Salva..Means MAKE SAFE or SAVED in Latin..

Ursa Maior

I am sorry to refute you but here in the eastern fringes of the EU we see that the Treaty of Yalta is alive and kicking.

Babak Makkinejad

The Persian word is from Arabic.

There was once a Greek Ambassador who was visiting the Shah to present his credentials. The Court Minister stated:

"Ambassador Kir-ya-Kos is here to see you Sir."

[Which meant "Penis-or-Cunt" in Persian.]

And the Shah got upset and said:

"Tell him first to make up his mind if he is a man or a woman and then send him over!"

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