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02 July 2012


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It was actually a Subadar Major, a Viceroy's Commissioned Officer. pl

Neil Richardson


IIRC that was also in The Red Beret starring Alan Ladd. John Frost (played by Leo Gann) told the story to his stick on their way to Bruneval.


General Ali.. I ask just two question to your posting that are driving me bonkers...

Why? How does any of this protect our ME interests?


Kim Kagan? The Kagans should be declared a Clear and Present Danger to our Constitution.Let me give you one example of Dr. Kagan are her ridiculous warfare theories... Iraq!

Sorry Kunuri no disrespect meant toward you. I just have a loathing disgust for the Kagans.


And by the time Weldon got his skinny the battery packs that operated the SADMs were useless, outdated and not replaceable.

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