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05 July 2012


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Colin Murray

I agree 100%. offtopic fyi: http://original.antiwar.com/giraldi/2012/07/04/america-adopts-the-israel-paradigm/


Forward in the spirit of marxism, eh?

First homosexuals 'out and proud', and now the continual attempts to inject women into the combat arms in the name of 'diversity'. All the slippery slope, social petri dish nonsense that gets handwaved away.

Bring back the WAC and WAVES and call it a day. Women are more of a burden from what I've seen then they are a benefit. There is no need to further attempt to masculinize our daughters.


I agree with your assesment of the situation. However, this is an ongoing 15-20 year problem that the Military has never truly sought to resolve on their own. They should start with eliminating any penalty to a woman who reports--that would be a major step forward. Then if they actually prosecuted 50-75% of cases, I would completely agree that the Military was capable/responsible enough to enforce the laws without civilian oversight. As a woman, I have always been left facing the question: Is the lack of reporting, penalties for reporting to victims, lack of prosecution due to the fact that Command still believes women don't belong? That this is the risk a woman chooses for joining the military and therefore deserves no protection? Action/prosecution speaks louder than words.

Bill H

I seem to recall a saying in my day, half a century ago, that if you were guilty you fared better in a civilian court and if you were innocent you fared better in a military court martial.


Human nature is so difficult!

But there is hope. If a way was found to reign in those college professors who regarded attractive coeds as job benefits, there is reason to believe that grunts can be tamed as well.

Paul in NC

I suspect from your comment pages that not many women read this blog. But if any do, I'd be interested to hear their perspective on "often acquiescent women."


I believe that the sex officer would be the Kamassar.

"The decision to require a colonel or Navy captain to resolve such matters is a good one,"

I don't think I understand what resolve means here. Would these matters not be referred for criminal investigation once the accusation is made?


Paul in NC

So would I. You don't think this is true? Something like, "a slave could never be acquiescent?" A lifetime of observation would indicate to me that both situations are possible. pl



The problem now is that junior officers are not doing that. pl

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

There should not be a penalty to a woman ( or nowadays, anyone of any gender...) who reports a genuine sexual assault.

There should be harsh penalties for those who bear false witness, though, whatever their motivation might have been. And, yeah, it happens.


Mike Martin.

There is no such legal penalty. pl


Article 131 Perjury

Nancy K

Paul in NC, I thought about your question re "often acquiescent females" and I agree with Col Lang's assessment of why they are acquiescent ie young, possibly not well educated, away from home in a male dominated enviornment, etc. Also as Col Lang once mentioned, women are attracted to power. There have always been instances of married men in the military having an affair with a female soldier. Rumor has is the General Eisenhower could possibly have been involved with his driver.
All this being said, rape is not an act of passion but of violence. Many of the cases I have heard about have been violent attacks and that really cannot be tolerated. these rapes have also been perpetrated by men against men.
Some may suggest that women should not be in the military, however if a women is qualified should she not be allowed just because a man might rape her. That type of thinking has led to women in the middle east being forced to wear a burqua.
I'm not sure what the answer is but if a man rapes a fellow soldier while in the military, he probably will continue doing so when out of the military.
As for a women reporting a false rape, I would imagine that there are many more rapes not reported due to feelings of shame or even fear of reprissal than are reported.

Mike Martin, Yorktown VA

Pat, true. At present. But I've seen the effects of bogus complaints on at least one friend's career.


NancyK et al

Rape is a felonious crime under UCMJ. It should be reported, investigated and prosecuted. False accusations will be a problem but the service has no choice but to enforce the law. Abuse of authority over a woman (or anyone) to obtain sex is also a crime under UCMJ whether or not the victim is acquiescent. pl

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