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05 July 2012


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The Twisted Genius

What else did the Pakistanis receive? That's one of the secrets that this administration will jealously guard. They sure are bending over backwards and breaking out the Thesaurus in their denials that this is a real apology.

FB Ali

The official Pakistani announcement says that no fees are being levied on trucks carrying supplies to ISAF (presumably none were being levied before the closure also).

What Pakistan gets in return is the restarting of US payments to compensate it for its operations in FATA, and US aid under the Kerry-Lugar act.

One of the conditions Pakistan has laid down is that only 'non-lethal' supplies will be transported through Pakistan. On the other hand there were earlier news reports that, even during the closure, Pakistan was allowing US overflights carrying 'lethal' supplies. Presumably this condition is for internal consumption (a recent PEW Research poll found that 80% of Pakistanis have an 'unfavourable' opinion of the US, while a whopping 74% consider it an outright 'enemy'!).


I am in touch regularly with a well placed and well-informed retired Brigadier in Rawalpindi Intimately familiar with the political and institutional circumstances, he is quite sure that there were other considerations involved. When specific are available, I'll relay them. They probably concern Pakistan's role in the negotiations accompanying our extraction. That is Pakistan's strategic interest - not who will pay for the broken roads we'll leave behind.

More generally, it's all about what happens when we've retreating to our Raj Bhavan embassy complex in Kabul and all hell breaks loose. Only Washingtonians pretend that some sort of chimerical mission accomplishment is still on the horizon. Fantasy spring eternal.


I've never understood the neocon desire to alienate as many nations as possible (as well as actually fighting wars against as many nations as possible) all at the same time. I'm no military strategist, but even I know that you'd want to face opponents one at a time.

Bill H

My memory may be failing me, but I seem to recall that initially Pakistan was demanding that we stop the drone strikes in their country as a condition of reopening traffic, or at least that we cede control of targeting for those strikes, and that we were refusing to do so. Now that program is not any part of the traffic negotiation. Am I mistaken?


One comment made was that the U.S. had to pay the 250.00 fee for each container that was transported through alternative delivery routes during the shutdown.

As pure conjecture, I can see backdoor aid being delivered free of any cost to the Paki's such as, parts and support for the F-16s, banking services for the elites to move their graft moneys about without being disturbed, extra visas and spots at Ivy League schools for Paki elites, etc etc. There are many ways to pay for the privilege of using the the Paki land routes. The Paki's are not going to give anything away with the end of big Golden Eggs in sight.

Charles I

Never mind accomplishment according to Gen Jack Keane the mission will continue indefinitely with 25,000 souls in Afghanistan, ergo, celebrations can be delayed until mission's actual end.

Charles I

Bet the Pakistani fuel mafia has a point of view too.


This is an interesting Pakistani article on the subject. Note the Afghan Taliban wants the route reopened because they need the money.

truck factoring

What else did the Pakistanis receive? That's one of the methods that this management will jealously secure. They sure are flexing over in reverse and splitting out the Database in their returns that this is a actual apology.

Berta Hargrove

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