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25 July 2012


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What I don't understand is why Mitt Romney addresses a veterans' organization and says nothing about veterans. Of course, his support for the Ryan budget will result in quite a few losses for military personnel. The good news is that it is rather unlikely that budget will be adopted as written.


What is worse is Senor's giving advice on how to handle Iran. Why any program would have him on is beyond me.

Medicine Man

Can we get people less annoying if they are replaced?



Basilisk and I shot up part of West Virginia (the pseudo state). I had enough time to do a reasonable job of zeroing the Chinese made sight on the Henry .17 HMR. It then shot "reel purty" as they would say in West Virginia. pl

The Twisted Genius

PL, what's the make and model of that sight. I might be looking for a sight for my 721 and i don't want to spend an arm and a leg for one.


I think they couldn't find L. Paul AKA "Jerry" Bremer.


How do you like that .17 HMR? I have a repeater in .22 LR that I bought a few weeks ago.



That's a picture of the rifle. Now that it is zeroed at 100 yds, I would say it and the sight are quite good. It has a floating barrel so you have to br careful not to lose the wedge that separates and stock. The trigger is to "heavy." I will have that fixed. There is no ramp in the chamber so you have to carefully insert each round. At the price of around $350-$400 it is quite a buy, it is a target gun for me buy employed as "farmer's friend" against whistle pigs (gtound hogs) ir prairie dogs it would be effective at more than 100 yds for a good marksman. The .17 HMR round is superb, very fast, very flat, IMO it will be a legendary load like the .222 Remington. pl.



All it says on in is "H7 Scope Made in China." One sold recently on-line for $25. pl

John Minnerath

The 17HMR is quite a little cartridge.
Flat shooting and accurate with good ballistics.
As to be expected with the light bullet, it's pretty sensitive to wind.


That's a purty gun you have. The issue I have with the .22 repeater is that sometimes the rounds want to 'jump' in the chamber and jam when I try to feed them. I blame it on the Henry having tight tolerances that will be ground down with use.

They were selling a .17HMR repeater at around $450 up at JG Sales when I went there. The .22 Magnum repeater was going for about the same price.

As far as your take on the .17HMR, you are probably right. Everyone who has shot it in any quantity has overwhelmingly positive things to say about it. I imagine it will be the next 'thing' in target shooting.

Medicine Man

I watched the July 23 Daily Show just now. Fareed Zakaria was the guest. He seemed to agree with a few of the points you've been making regarding Syria, Col. Largely a Sunni vs Allawite conflict. Military intervention not a good idea. Etc. He differed slightly on Egypt.

Not fishing for commentary, just dropping an fyi in case you haven't caught that show yet. Cheers.


Funny, my dog killed a whistle pig yesterday. They have invaded my neighborhood in the last few years and I was stunned to find one way up in a peach tree last week!


What is wrong with Bushnell glass?


I'll bite - what is a whistle pig?
Thank you



An old Southern term for "wood chuck." pl


Thank you. I knew it would be something I would be embarassed not to know.

John Minnerath

Important to know.
Around here we have a little gopher that goes by the name of "chisler".
I doubt if anyone alive remembers how that name came about. :)

The Twisted Genius

I'd be very happy with a Bushnell scope, but they're more than I want to pay right now. I'm looking at some Tasco 3-9X40 scopes for 50 to 60 dollars. Seen some good reviews. I know a lot of cheap scopes are intended only for 22LR. My 721 in 30-06 would probably shake them apart (or at least out of zero) in a day. I'm in no hurry. Maybe somebody will drop a Leupold off on my front porch someday... I'm a dreamer.

different clue

One time I saw a mid-sized groundhog about 5 feet above the ground in some brushy willows eating the leaves.

Another time I saw a rather large groundhog in mulberry branches eating the young leaves. It was pretty far out along the branches as they arched over the edge of the Huron River near Broadway in Ann Arbor. It must have been at least
a 15 foot hand-over-hand climb from the tree-base to where he was on the branches. So it does sometimes happen.

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