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02 July 2012


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Col. sir,

[Srinagar, June 25 (Indo Asian News Service)

"Historical Peer Dastgeer Sahib shrine in summer capital Srinagar was gutted in a blaze here Monday morning"]

Make you wonder who's responsible, doesn't it?


John H,

"Does anybody in Washington really care about the fate of the Middle Eastern Christians?"

The Col. wrote: "the Coptic Christian minority (10%) tended to become Westernized quite rapidly and were advantaged in business and government"

I ain't into conspiracy theory, but maybe that's exactly WHAT they have in mind.

With all the Christian (pawns) out of the mena, the rulers in said region will have no (other) alternative but to rely on Washington even more in future.

Well, there's always the chinks.

Abu Sinan

Part of the problem is that Arab Christians tend not to the always work towards the goals of the US or have political beliefs favourable to the US and it's main "ally" in the area, Israel. Look at notable Christians from the Middle East, Edward Said, Hannan Ashrawi, George Haddad. From intellectuals to founders of armed anti Western, pro Palestinian organisations.

They just arent the "right" kind of Christians.


I think the Copts should be very happy they still exist. They themselves wiped out all other religions in Egypt in the 4th and 5th centuries. Mobs of raging monks destroying temples.

Islam let them survive.

In the same situation in Europe, Muslims were either expelled or forced to convert to Christianity. 100%. Which is why, by the way, many of the Spaniards settling the Americas were in fact former Muslims, the main port of departure being Seville.



What you say is true, but, so what? I saw the movie too, "Agora," a carefully structured piece of anti-Christian propaganda. pl

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