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18 July 2012


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giovanni falcone

Again, this doesn't prove anything conclusively, but here's a line from the LA Times version that suggests somewhat more strongly that it wasn't a suicide bomber.:

>The Free Syrian Army, the main umbrella rebel group, took responsibility for the strike and warned that more bombings were planned. It did not say how it managed to infiltrate the security establishment and plant the bomb. Official Syrian media initially said a suicide bomber was responsible, but later described the attack only as a bombing.

Phil Cattar

Asad did not help himself when he called the Saudis half men some time ago.Or when he killed their friend/business partner and the PM of Lebanon, Rafik Harriri.IMHO opinion there is not a strong enough base of hard core Islamists to support a truly Islamist regime .The Syrians are much more secular than the average American thinks they are .So are the Lebanese and Israelis.It is 2012 not 1960 anymore.As I wrote in this blog about a month ago,Asad is a dead man walking.The sooner he better.


If Assad is a dead man it is only because the US wants him dead. pl


I can't imagine a scenario where Russia abandons Assad. The bigger issues at play matter too much. Moscow does not want to set a precedent for Western intervention and they view the rise of Islamic fundamentalism as critical security threat to the Russian Federation itself.


Cui Bono, if it is deemed a "bombing" and not a "suicide bombing"? we're being played me thinks.


The Syrians may indeed be more "secular" than the average American thinks. Since the average American thinks of them very little, if at all. And that lack of understanding, is inside DC, as well as outside. But in any event.....

As i think Lebanon/Iraq et al demonstrated...the thing about civil wars is; they MAKE you pick sides...you get assigned to sides, whether you like it or not. You belong to a group...whether you like it or not.

Libya may be the exception that proves this rule.



Do we know exactly which kind of "support" the US to the rebels, except for diplomatic grandstanding? Is there any material, training, etc.?

Charles I

This morning a an Arab gentleman, whose name & nation & station escaped me and is not apparent on the website, was interviewed on CBC Radio One's "The Current" this morning.

He claimed the three victims had all been killed sometime ago, perhaps in separate incidents, and this was theatre, whoever the director.


All one can really say is that my beets, beans, broccoli & salad are up and are delightful.


These people are worst than economists for not learning from thier mistakes. Wasn't Kristol the one who was recently crowing about how he purged the Republican Party of the 'Arabist' faction in favor of more Israel?


Condi Rice never impressed me much IRT anything.

Remember when asked about 2008, she 'demured' and only would say 'it was a special election'. Why? Because John McCaine was never really in it to win it and doubled down on the failed Bush policies?

No wonder the RNC will have Ron Paul on the ballot at the convention, though I have my doubts that it will do anything.


Some reports now say that the situation did not involve a suicide bomber but bombs that had been previously emplaced. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the largest was in a large flower pot. If true, this suggests that there definitely was inside assistance provided by Syrian security personnel; this building was not one where the average Ahmed off the street could enter. It reportedly was under heavy security as the senior council met there often.

Medicine Man

I hadn't heard that, but yes, apparently he was: http://mondoweiss.net/2012/05/bill-kristol-celebrates-republican-party-purge-of-oldfashioned-arabist-realists-scowcroft-baker-and-bush-i.html

I'll give Bloody Bill points for being consistent.

different clue

If a post-Assad regime were to start handing out chemweapons to all sorts of people ( or even just a sympathetic few), then we could have a real problem. If the Assad regime ends up falling, I hope Russia or somebody is somehow able to grab and secure all the chemweapons material before that happens.

different clue

I personally have trouble understanding why the Israelis would want Assad to fall. Assad kept the long cold truce with Israel. Would a successor government do that? Assad kept the chemical weapons materials I have read about (unless these are a propaganda illusion) under firm control. Would a successor government do that?

Phil Cattar

The groups in Syria are tight.The Sunni,Druse,Christians and Alewites.The Christian/Alewite make up about 25%.The Sunni about 60%.From my memory.The good news is the Alewite and Druse have their own areas.Kurds stict together also.Some analysts think many people will go to their own region.Country could be split into sections.If you remember Joe Biden wanted to do this to Iraq.I am not saying this is a good idea.There is some inter marrying and overlap but in the end one's own ethnicity ,culture and religion trump all else,in the Middle East.I talk to someone almost daily who talks to his extended family in Syria.So I get a little bit of info from him.

doug tunnell


This bombing looks like a rebel's equivalent of a home run.


Did the Israelis ever fess up to the bomb that killed Mugniyeh in Damascus a few years ago?

No wonder the ME is so populated by conspiracy theorists !

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