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29 July 2012


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Anyone notice that on CNN (Informed Sources) Kurtz had an obvious imprint of a Yarmulke on his head.....additionally, Zakaria had the usual cast of characters adding their expertise: Wolfowitz, Friedman and Hess......My father who has reached the advanced age of 96 has been warning me for the past 40 years that the takeover will eventually take place....I am beginning to take him seriously...

Nancy K

My husband who has Israeli citizenship and fought with the IDF in 67 and 73 is sickened by Israel and by Mitt Romney.
If Mitt loves Israel so much let him move there. Let his precious sons fight for Israel just like they did for the US. Oh wait a minutes I forgot, father and sons were too busy being missionaries to join the military.I think Mitt was a missionary in Paris, now that is a tough assignment, all those hedonistic French, how that poor man must have suffered.


That would have been a good time for the British to have reciprocated their losses in the King David.


I had a few friend girls who tried to seduce the missionaries who paid them frequent visits. They had no luck, so Mitt's missionary work in Paris may have went down in the same style.


Isn't it ironic that the Jewish religion was offended by the LDS ritual of posthumous conversion of Jewish victims of the holocaust to Christianity back in the 80's or 90's?


Respectfully, all Presidents wear one:


Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Romney should hold out for the high Israeli honor of being named a "Defender of Jerusalem." Hey, if Rick Perry's a "D of J", then Romney should be, too.



This one should wear his all the time, not just at Channukah. pl


I think you're missing the real electoral target here. American Jews are overwhelmingly Democratic and dovish on foreign policy - the pro-likudnik hawks are a loud minority of the Jewish American population. The real electoral target are white evangelical Christians who are very hawkish on Israel, nervous about Mormons and crucial to Republican chances in November. Adelson is significant thanks to Citizens United and his $35 million and counting contributions to Republicans this election cycle. Otherwise Romney wouldn't have to care what Adelson thinks. This fiasco is largely a creation of conservatives and the Christian Right.

r whitman

Politcal whoredom is as American as apple pie or as Israeli as falafel.

Al Spafford

Heard on NPR this eve, Mitt stated he would move US Embassy to Jerusalem if Israel requests so. Mitt must of given up the ol' "missionary position" of his youth for the full bend over now!

Pirate Laddie

"Citizenship" really isn't an issue to folks like this. Romney, as a predatory financial capitalist, is " at home" wherever he can make $$. Kinda like the mormon tradition of crossing borders (most commonly US/Mexican or US/Canadian), depending on which way the polygamous winds are blowing).
Given the patriarchial tradition of the Hebrew children, and their assigned roles in banking & finance, Mitt's full-on-the lips affection for Bennie Mileikowsky is hardly surprising.



Romney's going for the reach-around.


This fiasco is largely a creation of conservatives and the Christian Right.

How do you reconcile this with the fact that this country was Christian and conservative for more than 300+ years and during that time no foreign government was able to gain the level of influence Israel currently holds over this nation?

Also, Israel's rising influence in the US strongly correlates with the rise of multiculturalism, liberalism, and secularism in the US since the 1960's.

If Andrew Jackson was in the White House right now, he would have Romney arrested on his way back and send him to the gallows for committing treachery against this nation.


Earlier today we learned that Bill Clinton will be given a prominent role at the Democratic Convention. Doubtless so too will Mrs. Clinton. In the context of this discussion, that raises the prospect of the couple being granted joint custody of the Israeli-Palestinian portfolio by a re-elected barack Obama. This tag-team arrangement seems well suited to their singular skills at fabricating virtual realities. In addition, their personal ties with the principals on both sides of the Atlantic could immunize the White House from charges of being too harsh on Netanyahu et al. Thereby the President would be freed to devote his attention to other matters of state - such as scoping the March Madness basketball tournament. The only issue, as I see it, would be whether Bill gets to assign his three porn star lady friends as his cup bearers or be obliged to enter these delicate encounters bereft of moral support.

Alba Etie

This is also Mittens way to connect with the tea baggers aka tea partiers ?

Alba Etie

You want to ease up little on Bubba - you are sounding jealous and a little petulant - would it be ok if he just had one porn star .

Alba Etie

I wish I could link to the Pro Publica website - maybe I should learn how to do links ( other then Elgin hot guts ) - But ProPublica has on its website an expose about the FPCA ongoing regarding Adelsen and his Macau gambling holdings .Hate to think that there could be corrupt organized crime money getting into our election 'pigs at the trough;" money flows . I mean after all thats the Koch brothers job right - to buy our elections . And before any of my fellow SST villagers pipe up about corrupt union money flowing into elections . Well another Koch funded enterprise Gov Scott Walker of Wisconsin is taking care of the union busting piece -


"...Israel's rising influence in the US strongly correlates with the rise of multiculturalism, liberalism, and secularism in the US since the 1960's"

That's a bit of a stretch isn't it? The current State of Israel didn't exist prior to 1948. As to Andy Jackson, he'd be bit busy arresting all those Wall Steet bankers. Of course Geitner wouldn't be in the WH, either.


Excuse me, Falafel, also known as Ta'miya is Arabic food and has nothing to do with Israel. Unless... on a list of stolen items in a police report.



Yes. Except for European Jewish food like gefilte fish everything in the Israeli diet is Arab or Iranian. Ah. I forgot the Glatt Kosher Chinese restaurant in Tel Aviv and the Tony Roma rib jont there as well. pl

r whitman

I do not do food fights

Pirate Laddie

Alba Etie --

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) inquiry into Shelly baby's activities in Macau was well covered by Matt Isaacs and Lowell Bergman, who reported on the story for the Investigative Reporting Program of the University of California and PBS Frontline. The gist can be found at The Raw Story, "$700,000 Adelson payment to Macau legislator could violate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act", by Pro Publica, posted Monday, July 16, 2012.
The complete piece can be accessed at :


Medicine Man

I'll have to differ with both DW and Lind on this. Israel's influence in Washington is more a matter of money and lobbying muscle than political ideology. Though there is broad rhetorical support of Israel amongst Christian Evangelicals, their support is a mile wide and an inch deep. It is the American Jewry that volunteers, networks, and donates vigorously enough to provide AIPAC and the like with their base of support. I don't say this to slander either American Jews or Evangelicals.

The competition for these donors, fear of the negative press that lobby can generate, and the fact that most of the congresscritters are for sale is what is responsible for the mess.


I think the Romney visit to Israel reveals him for what he is - an opportunist still lacking any substance as a leader. For him to spout the view that Iran must not be allowed to produce nuclear weapons capability is also totally empty, and even hinting at a possible preemptive attack can only cause them to work more feverishly for the nuclear capability. I really think we need to at least try to find a more "peaceful/favorable" approach to the US-Israel-Iran triangle.

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