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12 July 2012


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like many other pro-con discussions of domestic policies this discussion has a taxpayer vs others thread

this strikes me as saying that there are two types of citizens taxpayers and non-taxpayers

this reminds me of the notion that only property owners should be entitled to vote

i suspect every adult citizen in the country is a tax payer

taxes are ubiquitous: income taxes, real estate taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes, alcohol taxes.....

can there be anyone who cannot claim to be a taxpayer?


FICA is deducted from every paycheck.


My government involvement or "treatment":
Nowhere near as much as you.

In my "previous life", had occasional dealings with the SEC; morons.


Well Tyler, I would think many of the jobs those people could have gotten are now held by immigrants. And you know the immigrants have to keep their jobs, that's a Democratic and Republican Party imperative. [Of course there are individuals who disagree like you and me but nobody in charge seems to care what we think.]

Also many others with more education, skills and more stable backgrounds are also competing with people on assistance.

As the formerly higher paid people are willing to work at jobs they never would have considered, it has to be getting harder for the least qualified to get a job.

I don't like the situation but now you watch and see how many people mention immigration and the unemployed when talking about this change. My guess it will hardly be discussed if at all.

SAC Brat

Did you ever get to read "The Short Timers" by Gustav Hasford, the novel the movie FMJ was based on?

Joker's adventures continue in "The Phantom Blooper". Hasford had a great writing style.

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