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29 July 2012


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Also, the Chairman of the House Intel Committee Rep. Mike Rogers, has recently stated publicly that Iran masterminded the recent Bulgaria incident. Rep. Rogers 'believes' this, and he 'believes' that regarding the Bulgaria incident. Most likely Rogers is relying on crappy Israeli intel for his 'briefings' as opposed to the U.S. ICs assessments. Makes a person have warm fuzzies all over knowing that 'if' Romney were to be elected, he would have no Congressional roadblocks (reference to Israeli stooge Rep. Rogers) in key Congressional committees and posts. One has to wonder how much U.S. Taxpayer monies that Israel money-launders back to U.S. politicians is winding up in Rep. Rogers pocket.

Hmmm.....Do you think that Mr. Rogers has his own personal Mossad liaison working in his Congressional Intel Chair office?


I saw a picture of Mitt and Bibi on TV today and the thought struck me, considering the very pro-Israeli policy of his administration, and the scolding he receives from Republicans and Likud/AIPAC alike for not loving Israel enough, that there is barely a point for Obama to try to wiggle himself into Bibi's rectum since Mitt has already taken up residence there.

I hope, but don't expect, that post the US elections Obama pays back Bibi for some of his impertinence and speaks tacheles with the man. Hope and change, eh? Hmm.


We ostracized the Dixie Peaches for their criticism of President Bush....How is this guy getting away for doing the same with a sitting President.....What nation is he running for President....I have lost total respect for our news media. The soft ball questions directed at Romney this morning and his zombie like responses make you wonder who is directing whom.


I think Romney has heard the rumors, and maybe more than rumors, that an Israel strike on Iran may come within the next two months. He wants to be able to claim before the US elections that he would have supported Israel with full American power when Obama doesn't. Since this is election blather, he's free to posture and not be questioned by the MSM. Fox and the other right wing sources can now prepare American voters for the strike and talk about the "courageous" and "patriotic" foreign policy position Romney has taken. http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/week-s-end/former-top-idf-officials-worry-that-netanyahu-is-bent-on-an-iran-strike.premium-1.454048

SAC Brat

Holding a fund raiser at the King David Hotel? Did he plan this with the Acme Corporation Travel Agency? Is he in some sort of a Zionist wand measuring contest against Joe Biden? A last minute change due to the British press hurting his fee fees?


Brad Ruble

Say what you will, I think much of Romney's authority for atacking Iran will come from Salt Lake.


The speech is now available on the web and it is grotesque. Take a look.

The harsh truth that we hesitate to accept,in my view, is that Romney is a moron as well as being obsessed with Being President (i.e. not actually doing the job of President). How different from Barck Obama? The same insofar as the latter, too, has no convictions and thinks only of spending four more rent free years, doubling his book advance, and then traipsing around the world for 30 years giving high minded speeches. This will be interspersed with dusaster tourism a la Bill Clinton - although he won't be photographed with a bevy of porn stars in Cannes as WJC was in June.

Obama also is proving as poor a politician as Romney is - they're both as inept as candidates as they are/would be inept as presidents. The one difference is that Romney already has made firm commitments to inanities like taking out Iranian nuclear facilities while Obama more prudently awaits the results of focus group surveys after the New Year.

This not cynical; it's the self-evident reality - however disagreeable.


Two points:

1. Fund raising event

2. October surprise is coming either via Bibi or BHO


Just to add to his Lukid/AIPAC luster, Romney declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2012/07/29/romney-israel-iran.html On to Judea and Samaria, and the ends of the earth with President Mitt?


I guess America has reached the Marxian tipping point (Groucho)

..Anybody qualified and capable of being a good President would not want the Office.


A little more: "In general, Netanyahu embraced Romney as no Israeli prime minister has ever before embraced a candidate running against an incumbent U.S. president: Aside from their working meeting in the morning, Netanyahu also hosted Romney and his wife and sons for dinner at his official residence." http://www.haaretz.com/blogs/diplomania/in-jerusalem-speech-it-was-romney-s-voice-but-netanyahu-s-words.premium-1.454521

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Whatever else is true of the Israelis, they're not stupid. I expect by now they've seen enough of Romney to know that a statement made on 29 July - to channel Ron Ziegler - is not necessarily operative on 30 July.

Mbrenner is correct, IMO, in his comment above that Romney only wants the POTUS title and, no doubt, the trappings. My guess is that he sees the presidency as a fitting cap to his resume.

The Israel visit's outcome will likely be little more than cash, particularly given the presence of Sheldon Adelson.

Alba Etie

But the focus group in NY would likely tell BHO not to bomb Iran . So that could be a plus for the world at large .

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