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31 July 2012


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" Either this man is without conscience or he is too ignorant to be prasident [sic]." Since the trend line of the polls shows Romney will probably become President, neither of these characteristics seem to disqualify him in the minds of the American voters. Actually, they may be considered positive characteristics by a majority of voters for the next American leader. http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2012/07/romney-gets-slightly-higher-marks-obama-leadership-values-and-honesty/55204/


IMHO, stated the real U.S. policy towards the Palestinians due domestic political considerations. WJC and BHO both caved in, so why shouldn't WMR? The United States can not negotiate a peace between the two sides and never will. The Pals should avoid "the trap of reality" and go the General Assembly.


May I guess? To ignorant to be anywhere near power.


Both - they are mutually reinforcing




Col. Lang,

It's refreshing to read your straight talk about Romney.
No conscience, stupid? Yes to both. In my not so humble opinion he is a rich, good looking sleaze. He's as Narcissistic as anyone in politics today.

FB Ali

Col Lang,

Thank you for that post and those words about the Palestinians. Such statements, even though the truth about this unfortunate people, are exceedingly rare in any US media or public discourse.

It is a sad commentary on the present state of US public opinion that a majority of Americans will probably agree with Romney's views (and may well elect him President). That would portend a dark future ahead, for the US and the rest of the world.


Colonel, is seems to me that Romney and his crowd play this kind of talk to the racist part of electorate at home, fully knowing that the first world appearance of Israel is due to mega support from abroad, for decades, so that 'desert can bloom', in analogy to the slums here. Your post on this issue can not be improved.

Al Spafford

The maps in Prof Cole's recent blog piece show clearly how Palestine has been carved up into little pieces from 1946 to present day. How it could ever function as such would be a mystery. juancole.com/2012/08/mission-failure-afghanistan-engelhardt.html

doug tunnell


It's so early in the game. There are polls published in the U.S. almost daily now that will support nearly any conclusion about the race that one would like to draw.

When compared to BHO, Romney has serious "like-ability" problems among American voters, according to one recent poll. He remains ahead in most "electability" polls as well. I'd be surprised if his recent foreign adventures will boost his image among Americans who pay attention to foreign affairs.

Thanks to Colonel Lang for stating above what Mitt Romney will most likely never allow himself to know.

Judging from his comments in Israel this week, Romney may well be both "without conscience" and " too ignorant to be president."


Personally, I'd soft pedal the "...he is too ignorant to be president." concept. It sound like a huge public dare that many Americans will only be too quick to take. Just my take...and I would be glad to be wrong about it. But it just seems like you are tossing them (US) straight lines Col.



IMO the ignorant among the electorate are likely to decide the election and they have already made up their minds. I was free with my opinion because I do not think they read SST. Nor would my opinion affect them. pl


a healthy dose of both....

too bad someone didn't ask willard about the lds practice of baptizing deceased jews. (yeah, sure, the lds has promised to discontinue that little custom -- i forget how many times)


Col: thank you for this comment:

"In fact, the Palestinians both at home and in the diaspora, are among the most educated populations, in the Middle East. They enthusiastically embraced Western education under both Ottoman and British government, and my experience of them is that they have a highly developed middle class who prosper wherever they go and are valuable citizens."

My wife, although American, is the product of a Palestinian Christian family. Her relatives live in the Palestinian diaspora spread from Sweden to Orange County, to Perth, Australia. What is remarkable is how her extended family have been universally successful...everywhere. Except, of course, under Israeli occupation.

Sadly, this is an old tale. Martin Galvin of NORAID once made the crushing remark about England's rule in Ireland: He said that Irish Catholics have prospered everywhere but in Ulster. Even I, with my die-hard Anglophile heart, had to admit he was right.

Unfortunately, Romney and his advisers probably feel no need to embrace such a reality.


With the Republicans capturing both chambers of the Congress and Susan Rice as SOS, BHO will get "serious" about the Middle East Peace Process because?



Since Jews believe that the LDS religion is a fantasy, why do they care? if the Mormons want to "babtise" my ancestors, let them have at it. I would say, like the Israelis, send money. pl


Ah Col....didn't you see that tongue of mine in my cheek?



It is a broad generalization on my part--and as an American, a bit of a self serving one too..but that noted, I would offer that when it comes to the State of Israel, and support by the American people, the politicians, and the elite media are a lot more supportive than Americans in general. I think--by a slight majority--guessing, not with polls, Americans would prefer to see aid cut off to BOTH Egypt and Israel. Some time, when the Washington Journal morning call in show on CSPAN has a topic about Israel...listen to calls in from Americans. The callers are, to say the least, not big supporters of Israel. But you would not know that by our media or Congress.


Thanks from me too, Col.


Yes. The "aw shucks, I'm just a regular guy who may not know much about the world" political schtick finds resonance with many, many voters.


Stupid? No, I don't think so. Ignorant is the right adjective. Ignorant and perhaps unlucky in the choices of those who apparently do his thinking for him and pick his talking points. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/02/opinion/mitt-romneys-search-for-simple-answers.html?hp



One final comment: In Romney's view of social class, you're a "wog" if you don't own several multi-million $$$ houses. He's like Tom and Daisy in The Great Gatsby.

Abu Sinan

Very nice Colonel. It is very rich of Romney to talk about Palestinian culture whilst ignoring the dependency of Israeli culture, continually sucking at the American teat and throwing temper tantrums every time they feel insulted.

I'd be very interested to see how Israeli culture would fare sans American money, arms and political support. They'd quickly change or disappear into the rubbish bin of history.

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