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09 July 2012


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Have you considered e-Publishing Colonel?

Rosetta books are an e-Publisher perhaps worth looking at. They've recently published previous unpublished works of Kurt Vonnegut

(I do not personally work for them but one of my close friends does and that's how I know of them)

robt willmann

Roger Cooper; Vanguard Press; 250 W. 57th Street, 15th Floor; New York, New York 10107;
Tel. 212.340.8100.



My novels are available in e-book formats. pl


we have entered the age where u don't a 100,000 book printing. they can be printed on demand, one, two, ten, 100, at a time. incredibly, my local printers r printing books. a lot of bookstores are doing it. Amazon.com has a service for authors.





My books are "print on demand." pl


Good luck Sir. I hope this works out well for you. I've found selling a manuscript to be an exercise in frustration myself, but eventually you can beat down a brick wall by beating your head against it.

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