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01 July 2012


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different clue

I first read this thread last night and all I could think was " . . . !? What is MorrocoBama's problem?"

I can just picture him bragging to all his friends about how "I!I!I! just got myself banned by Colonel Lang!"

He must be a very troubled young person on several levels.



Yes, he is terribly impaired mentally. I have not banned him yet. I am collecting his messages and comments and will forward them to NCTC and the Bureau. He is prime example of someone awaiting recruitment by a jihadi group. I do not know his name, address, phone number or IP and do not wish to. pl

Alba Etie

MB best be sure his jihadi recruiter is not working for our government in some UC capacity ..

Alba Etie

Col Lang
Off topic slightly ..but
What do you think the final outcome for Cuba will
be ?
As a Post Script to this question re Cuba - I have a regular rider here in Austin -who has some Conservative prominence -that routinely ( once a quarter) flies to Quintana Roo ( undisclosed airport ) - then catches a puddle jumper to Cuba to go bone fishing -stays at a "Big Canuck" Resort on the coast there.
Are we just waiting for Fidel & Raoul to pass away ?



IMO the communist government will pass when the old guard dies. We can spedd that up by dropping the barriers to travel, commerce, etc. pl



I always saw MB as pro-Israel and anti-Iran. Maybe someone turned him--giant ego and all that goes with it.


Really? In the fertile soil of Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism can also grow.


American Pop Culture is the universal solvant. It's actually a great asset for the Republic.

SAC Brat

Knowing how you like to suffer watching Sunday follies, I get a kick out of Charles Pierce's summary of the morning's shows titled "What Are the Gobshites Saying These Days?" http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/sunday-talk-shows-july-1-2012-10234504

This week:"Dozens of conservatives flocked to the airwaves this weekend to be asked by the various Guardians of Democracy to show on the doll exactly where John Roberts touched them."

I like how he calls out the Fourth Estate for their failings. And politicians on both sides of the coin, err, aisle. He keeps a copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence handy nearby.


I always read The Boy from Alabama via Marrekech as an hasbara waiting to spring a verbal trap. I guess he is just a maniac having a mental meltdown.

As for Pop Culture Revolutinaries, in the early 90s there was a Cuban guy, always in black, selling the Communist Dream to doe-eyed Coeds on the Carolina Campus. When he would start his spiel, a friend, who served in Grenada as a Ranger Sniper, would slide up to them and start quietly taunting him with sayings like "I sent your comrades to the great politboro in the sky, what are you going to do about?" etc. Of course Mr Che wannabe would eventually back away.

As for the main topic, cutting off from the Commentariat, Paul Deveraux mentioned the falsifying military service as part of the criteria for getting sliced. Interesting, though one's own words should do them in.


To the Cocksure Canine Cad commenting here,

Oh Howling Hound of Horror when you first started posting here I saw your site connected to these worlwide series of radio vaccuum tubes. The woman was wearing a red shirt. And you?

Ahh, poor lil puppydog is a fantasist.



"Paul Deveraux mentioned the falsifying military service as part of the criteria for getting sliced. Interesting, though one's own words should do them in."

There is nothing false about Tyler's military service. What about yours?

Tyler understands what the bounds of toleration are for me. Do you? pl


Well you managed to elude me with the CCC thing. Congratulations. pl

different clue

Speaking of Che Guevarra, National Lampoon did a funny workup of the iconic Che Guevarra poster. Here is a small version. http://www.marksverylarge.com/issues/7201.html


This is not about Tyler, I know he served.

It was a primer to my second post regarding an individual here who for years has been disparging to others. I wished to let him know that his lie is known. Maybe he will leave of his own volition.

Six years in Uncle Samuel's Navy amd then on to a liberal arts degree in history.

I believe I understand your bounds of toleration.



Reading here sparks the imagination.



"Thank you for your service." Please understand the bitter joke. I watched generals say this while they pinned the Purple Heart on my mens' pillow cases in hospital. "You have the gratitude of our country." F--k'em. We do what we do. pl


Exquisitely stated! (but isn't is spelled "solvent"?) In one sentence, you can say that AMC can be toxic (like TCE, etc) and/or it can "solve" everything!

I've long contended that Rock & Roll killed communism - though I must admit that my evidence is all quite anecdotal.

We really do live in interesting times; I'm fascinated by the tension between the power of Statism/Nationalism/Tribalism, Religion/Tradition/Sprituality, Money/Mammonism/Corporatism, Humanity/Culture, and Science/Technology. I'm rooting for Humanity & Science, with a side-order of Spirituality, but if I had to bet on it, I'd probably put my money on Money.

different clue

I heard a version of that saying which goes like this: If the facts are against you, pound the law. If the law is against you, pound the facts. If the facts AND the law are against you, pound the table.

Medicine Man

I second that. I quick look at Che shows that he was a violent ideologue with a record of serial failure. Yet he is a darling of romantics who don't bother paying attention to the record of history. Go figure...



After some thought I have decided that you are probably right (50%) in thinking that MB's thing is really a hasbara attack. One of their standard techniques is to infiltrate a site while looking harmless and then bide their time. When the moment comes, the attack is launcehd with maximum violence, personal insult and a view to inflicting as much psychological damage as possible in an attempt to wound eufficiently to cause the target to withdraw from the public "square." pl


Frank, MM,

"a poster boy"

Like you said it. A poster boy. With (kinda handsome) poster boy looks.

Along with his Diarios de Motocicleta adding more color & winning him more romantics to his rock star revolutionary status.




"Rock & Roll killed communism"

Mr. Ohmae Kenichi (大前 研一) of "Mind of the Strategist" fame wrote in the recent 2nd. preface of his book that it was all the nice products from the West passing over to East Germany that finally brought down the Berlin Wall (symbol of communism).

Just his two ¥.



So MB calling you a Jew is an attempt to get you to cross the antisemetic line for him to become the national hero that reports you to the SPCA (that bulldog Morris Dees.) That crossed my mind too.


You mean the Devil's music.

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