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01 July 2012


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In the past ten years, "Thank you for your service" has become a salve for the public's conscience, so perhaps it has changed into a cruel joke. Though what is worse is going to the Grocery or Convenience store with their plastic boxes as asking for donations for injured veterans. That is what the VA is for and if they don’t have the money, then let Congress pass a tax on petroleum to pay for it.

As EL stated above, many of us come here to maintain our sanity and have your back with regards to the Hasbara. One of their tendencies I have noticed is being on familiar terms right away within a group, and watch as their writing progress for telltale clues. As for MB, it was the writing style and he showed up in January just as the Winter Cyber Offensive 2012 commenced. He may just be crazy but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

I can see how the Hasbara attack can work on Academics, Politicians, and Media members, few will give up the good life for principles. As the ancient wise man Solomon said, he can cajole, connive, con or corrupt 999 out of a thousand.

Alba Etie

To all the Hasbara - Bless your hearts yall !
Stronger message to follow - hopefully sooner rather then later ...

Alba Etie

Col Lang
What of the current crop - Morales in Bolivia for example ?

Alba Etie

"I'd probably bet on money " This is what makes Citizen's United a clear & present danger to our Republic. The SCOTUS just recently also overturned the Monatana's law against corporate financing of campaigns - The front group that challenged that Monatana State Law was founded & funded by the Koch Brothers .


I had a little chat with the manager of the local Sam's club. They let a guy set up at the exit with a bunch of signs about supporting "the Veterans". I shot the shit with him for a while and it was pretty obvious he was not on the level. I told the manager he needed to do some kind of checking before he let that kind of thing go on.

different clue

Rock and Roll is the Devil's music? Here is a musician who pretends to agree in a purely tongue-in-cheek way.


Out of curiousity, how do you 'know'?



When you started commenting here you said so, and my intial response is to take you at your word of honor.

And again writing style and stories, though if you are a BSer, you need to get off the Border and into literature.


I posted a reply earlier and may have effed it up.

When you first started commenting here you noted your service and I took you at your word of honor. Also you mentioned the units you belonged to and your stories are of an individual who has been there and done that. A fabricator will be long on personal exploits and short on verifiable details.



There will be to replys to Tyler sitting above when you return. I thought the first didn't take as new post were going up and then realized The Twisted Genius was updating his discussion only.

Were you on a consulting gig inside the beltway since Gen Manaf Tlass decided to do his own border crossing?


Vampire Elvis, interesting combo.


Ha! An excellent analysis on all counts.

I have a manuscript completed, but it is a bear to get published. Nose to the grindstone and all that.


Keep it up.

It is ten years to instant success.

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