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01 July 2012


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Rut Ro!

Alba Etie

I always loved Wil E Coyote ...



Morocco bama says that I and my SF brethren were cowards for killing Che. We did not. Thr Bolivians killed him. If only it had been MB. My men dreamt of the day when people like MB would join their comrades in VN. Of course he was yet unconceived. Give us your address, MB. pl


Congratulations to the citizens of Canada in their celebration of "Canada Day" (Dominion Day) on the 145th anniversary of their Confederation.



Morocco Bama says that I have threatened him. I do not know his name. i do not know his address or his phone number so how could I threaten him? pl



Received the following from MB:

"Jesus, you're sounding more and more like a Jew every day. So, go ahead, sue me you Jewish wannabe. That's the beauty of having nothing. It just means you have that much less to lose. Reporting you to the FBI is probably redundant. I'm sure they're watching you already. A loose cannon like you is sure to have made waves many times over.

You should be getting back to holding up your numerous chins, Generalisimo. You don't need another chin on top of what you already have."

Yes, I am old. My various national security clearances would not indicate thst i am suspected. pl


Reminds me of the old legal maxim, i.e., "if the law is against you, argue the facts. If the facts are against you, argue the law. And if the facts and the law are against you, call the other guy names".

I gather that MB has selected the last choice...



If he thinks he has a case he should say so and I will put him in contact with a deputy director of the FBI. We will see how that goes. I WILL sue him. pl


This is the second blog I've seen MB get kicked off. He can take comfort in the fact that narcissism has its own rewards.

Wasn't there a CIA agent with the Bolivians when they killed Che?



The 2nd Bolivian Cazadores Battalion captured him. They has SF trainers from the 8th Group with them. I glory in the thought but if we had gotten him back tp the CZ we would have turned him and used him against Castro. Easy meat, giant ego. The CIA lied about this as usual. pl


I know a lot more people that it would be smarter to insult than you. Not too bright.

I hope you get the electricity back up soon.

Medicine Man

Damn, I wouldn't have pegged Morocco Bama as a big fan of Che.


What's wrong with sounding like a Jew?

Some of them had extraordinary foresight.


Unfortunately those few had their advice falling on deaf ears....


Haven't they ALWAYS lied, Col.?



Wow. I didn't see the bizarre anti-semitism cominig, in addition to the other dumb insults. People!

Sorry you have to deal with this, Col. I really appreciate that you keep writing despite it.


I never understood Che's reputation as a rock star revolutionary? He failed in the Congo and in Bolivia. He could not get the Bolivian peasants signed on to his agenda, they are the ones that turned him in and deserve the credit for his capture. He was never the guiding light in Cuba. The Cubans taught him guerrilla warfare, not the other way around as popularly believed. Fidel used him. He was more of a good PR man, like a poster boy selling revolutionary war bonds.



I never understood it either. In Bolivia he was a total flop. "Our" Bolivian Indians just ran his men down in a long cross-country pursuit. We were feeding the 2nd CB 3,000 calories a day. pl



The funny thing is that I don't consider being called a Jew an insult. I have asked my genealogist wife to find a Jew or especially a rabbi or two back there somewhere. It would be useful in dealing with AIPAC. So far, no luck. pl



Please keep the trolls around. When I think I'm losing my grip, I read the troll comments on your blog and others and it restores my belief in my own sanity. I have a lot farther to go around the bend before I reach Troll Land. Whew!


Bill H

Well said, Col. What a wonderful response.


Bill H.

Thanks. pl

steve g

Col Lang:

Received this transmission last night
on my ANC/TRC-97 particle decelerator.
I thought you might find it interesting.

Once again we find my close personal friend
Wiley E. Coyote plummeting into the abyss.
No doubt he has tried his usual anti-gravi-
tational machinations to no avail. Will he
(a) Pull the ripcrd of the latest Acme state
of the art parachute and glide effortlessy to a
safe landing on the valley floor below. (b) Pull
said ripcord only to find too small a canopy with
twisted lines resulting in a ever rapid streaming
to the ground. (c) Pull from his utility belt a
self inflating Acme mattress thus bouncing to
safety.(d)Forgot any such devices only to embed
himself in valley floor in a 2 to 3 foot outline
of his body resulting in a 20 foot dust cloud.
(e) none of the above.


Beep Beep

Happy 4th to all!!

Old Gun Pilot

Slightly off topic, Colonel but as I 'm sure you remember this is the 149th anniversary of the battle at Gettysburg. The 1st is considered the first day of battle when elements of Meade's and lee's Armys collided a bit prematurly.


You would be surprised by how little help it is to be of Jewish descent in arguing with AIPAC. They would just call you a self-hating Jew.



I know. I know. Nevertheless, I would love t mock them with it. pl

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