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24 July 2012


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Fun to listen to the draft dodging mormon get OOOHAAA'S from the VFW boys today. I guess the way to drum up members is to promise more stupid wars.



They need adiult leadership. Maybe they always did. pl


Colonel, you may well be familiar with this already, but the issue of Crown grant lands in Virginia came as a surprise to me.



Romney's plan to visit Israel as part of his blatantly obvious upcoming overseas
trip should hopefully result in his being marginalized in the Presidential race. Liberal-conservative, it makes no difference, this is America, not Israel - hey, my ancestors are German and English and my wife's Chinese. Except for the American Indians most of us are all a mix - including Jewish Americans. His paying homage to Israel does not reflect the intelligent leadership we need to keep our country afloat and moving in the right direction.


Contrary to expectations I believe James Holmes is still of great academic promise in neuroscience provided some good brain scanning and dissecting are allowed. Also, I wonder if an analysis of Holmes' actions could provide better sustainance to the view that Anders Breivik's actions had clear political motivations.

Al Spafford

And his set of "all American" boys, too, dodging any military service. Cudn't just one of them served?

Ishmael Zechariah

I would really appreciate the comments of this group about the following link:
It is a rather disturbing tale but might not be for some.


Ishmael Zechariah


Re: crown grants

IMO the US would be well advised to use torrens titles nationwide. That would be a smart thing to to. Looking up who has an ownership title in the book saves time, reduces costs and court workload. It is clearly superior (more predicable and reliable also) to answering that question in litigation, which accounts for the pervasive use of torrens titles worldwide.


In the US it is a state matter however, so it is only used in some form in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington. As a result, chances of nationwide adoption are about nil, even more so in an age in which conservatives want to get government out of the way of whatever, and insist that state rights trump reason.

Germany is using a system similar to torrens titles in the Grundbuch which is working very reliable and satisfactorily since the 1800s, and is used in its current form since 1897.


Regarding the Syrian situation, the opposition said that the Syrian Army is moving Chemical weapons in order to deploy them against the opposition and their supporters from the Syrian population.

The Syrian government spokesperson has been saying that the Army would never use such weapons on its people and that if any chemical attack takes place it blames it on external elements.

Could such an attack be the pretext for a foreign invasion of Syria?



I have not yet had the pleasure of reading the colonels books, and can thus not verify if coal torpedoes were used in them:
http://tywkiwdbi.blogspot.fr/2012/07/coal-torpedo.html .
Fascinating uh?


The litigants should be careful what hornets nest they stir up. Though they may keep fisherman from wading or boating in the riverbed that won't prevent a coalition of them from suing said landowner for all the downstream run-off problems, from nitrates to tree limbs. I would think there would be a far more effective way of reaching a decision to the benefit of all parties.


Yes, property law is solely the business of the states.

Given the federal government's fealty to the banking system, I don't think I would want a federal system poking its nose into state property law, particularly in light of the mortgage industry's attempts to ride roughshod over certain state law property rights a citizen may have in foreclosure litigation.

I would suspect the banking industry would write that federal law.

On a related note, I am a member of the Louisiana bar, and always marveled at the historical context in which its property law was written.

Here Article 447 from the Louisiana Civil Code (since amended in about 1980):

--keep in mind the term "things" in Louisiana is from the Latin "res" and is used to refer to property--

Art 447--The provisions of the ancient laws concerning the distinction of things holy, sacred and religious, and the nature and inalienability of these kinds of things are abolished;

Straight from Napoleon's law breaking up France's old feudal, religious estates.


Wasn't one of the lessons of Iraq: Beware of what local opposition tells you!

I think the Syrian opposition, whoever that exactly is, are telling a tall tale. I don't buy it. I think they pave the ground for chemical weapons being used as a pretext for intervention. If they repeat it often enough it will stick eventually.

It worked splendidly on Iraq, when Americans were afraid of putative and theoretical scenarios, like that Saddam may fly drones around the globe to attack them with Anthrax, just to make one of my favourite tall tales of that day.

Nancy K

Ishmael, the article is very sad and disturbing. I think the Dr and the hospital and in fact all the staff were wrong in this cover up, even if their reasons were good intentioned, they were legally and morally wrong. The parents should have been told and they could have given comfort to their infant as he or she died.
I don't know about the 70 year old women, because perhaps it was her decision not to take fluids or food, however if it was just her Dr decision, another illegal and immoral decision.
Sometimes in hospitals a sick sense of humor develops as a coping mechinism, because staff see very sad and disturbing and often life dramas played out in front of them on a daily basis.
I was a nurse for 37 years and it was very rewarding but at times quite sad and the best one can do in some situations is be caring.


What would you do in the situtation?


Doesn't need to be federal. A national standard, implemented by the states would suffice.


They need to save Holmes' brain for a future transplant into Cheney. Their thinking is similar.


Who knows how litigation would work out.

The Crown grant landowners are claiming that the stream beds are theirs, not necessarily the stream itself. One of the cases cited involved a trespass based on a boat casting an anchor which touched the stream bed.

Of course, if toxic pollutants are found in the stream bed, no doubt the Crown grantees would holler that it is the state's problem.



Could you recommend a good biographies of Jackson and of Forrest?

Ishmael Zechariah


I would not use, or let others use, the baby for experimentation.

Ishmael Z.


"Who knows how litigation would work out" My poínt exactly. On the high seas and in court you're in God's hand, as one of my professors liked to say.

That in itself should be reason enough to adopt torrens titles. The general idea is "Rechtssicherheit", legal certainty, and documentation is a way to achieve that. It is also faster.

It is IMO highly probable that the total cost of documentation is just a fraction of the total cost of litigation. I.e. clarifying titles through litigation puts a strain on the economy. I'm speaking of opportunity cost.


Found them in post on your WBS link. Should have looked first before asking.


Would you tell the mother and father the truth?

Ishmael Zechariah


Yes I would. If it were my child I would want to know. It is the truth. It is mine. I would look after the baby and comfort it to the best of my ability. The info would be useful in thinking of other pregnancies (for me and my spouse).

I also thank Nancy K for her kind answer. I assume from her note that she would also tell the parents.

God bless you all.

Ishmael Z.


Ishmael Zechariah,

You have an interesting name. Earlier this week a friend mentioned the works of the Sufi Poet, Farid ad Din Attar, who has a riddle “neither believer nor heretic , who am I?” A dervish could see the answer in your name.

I stand with you, in the role of the Doctor I tell the parents, and as the Father I want to know and care for the child until the time for leaving comes naturally.

Thank you for linking the article, It provided a good deal of moral contemplation for the past few days.


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