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29 July 2012


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Al Spafford

Col Lang, a BEAUTIFUL looking O/U A neighbor in the northern part of lower Michigan several yrs back had a similar O/U (without the engraving) that he used when calling in coyotes and bobcats. The 22 mag/20 ga in full choke (I believe) did a good job for the various shots he needed to take. I do not see a "selector" tab in the photo--how do you select the barrels on this one?
My decades of hunting in No. Michigan were mainly on "Pats" with my Browning O/U 16 gauge, straight grip stock, short barrels. A wonderful shotgun for in the woods.


I used to have a Savage 22-410 over-and-under and it was, indeed, over-and-under. I wonder why they don't call yours a side-by-side?


Sgt Stubby, the first "War Dog" served with the 26th in WWI.




It is over and under, .22mag on top. pl


Al Spafford

It doesn't show in the picture but there is a little lever on top of the hammer that is the barrel selector. pl

John Minnerath

Great anecdotal story of your original 22MagX20ga Col.
Nice to find another in fine shape.
When we were kids a lot of us had the 22lrX.410, but we rarely saw a 22magX20.
Friend of mine I buy guns from regularly had a nice one recently, I was sorely tempted.

Hank Foresman

Pat, I had intended to attend; however with somethings going on at the house I passed on the event. It is always very interesting, and my wife is always concerned I am like a child in a toy store.

The Twisted Genius


Your post strikes at the heart of why many of us appreciate/collect firearms. It is the allure of history and memories, along with an appreciation of fine craftsmanship. As a youngster, I remember seeing the 22/410 over unders that John Minnerath mentioned in the Sears catalogs. It was advertised as the ideal first firearm. I also remember seeing 20 dollar Mausers in those catalogs.

For those who want to find out more about PL's latest find, I suggest YouTube. There's a wealth of knowledge there concerning damned near any firearm.


PL, is that a photo of your silver fox or a stock photo? I ask because I haven't seen any silver receivers in any of the YouTube videos.


Neat gun. You got the orignal the year I was born. Believe it or not, I grew up in the sticks and kind of like long guns. I don't myself hunt, but my bro-in-law does and usually pays me in jerky for helping with the stripping out the deer. Yummy stuff, but sometime the deer fur reminds me of my old doberman and that gets a touch icky.
Shooting a rifle is pretty Zen'ish and relaxing to me. More than taiji.

I still have the same opinions as ever, but I know a neat gun when I see one.

And since this is the best crowd I have access to for a question like this: can somebody point me to a vendor for 7mm magnum rifle ammo? My sister loves her rifle, but says she can't find bullets, and her bday is coming.


Sorry, I misread.


I have that gun in .22LR, 20 gauge. The barrel selector is supposed to be the disk on the left side of the receiver, which slides up and down, but the metal is brittle, and over the years it breaks, at which point most people replace the selector with a hammer selector as found on the later Savage 24 models (your model is the DL or deluxe, with walnut stock). I think Numrich sells parts if you are inclined to repair the original selector. I spoiled the look of mine by mounting a red-dot, but it is my go to gun for things that go bump in the night in my duck house.


I am generally astounded by the vast range of offerings at the so-called National Gun Show. I have no need of $18,000 Thompson sub-machineguns or $22,000 full-auto M-16's, but it is, I guess, a testimony to our absolute freedom in the US that such things can even be in private hands.

There is no conceivable reason I needed a Savage .22 Mag/20 Gauge over and under either, but the thing was so beautiful I was happy PL bought it. It was calling to me very strongly. I'm glad it found a good home.


basilisk, TTG et al

I tried. I tried. We went to lunch at the local Salvadoran joint where I watched Basilisk munch papusa while he and Harper explained to me the glories of authentic ethnic grub. I imagined myelf getting in the car and driving away without this gun. Nothing worked. It was still there when we re-entered the hall. i have no uise for it either but it is staying here in my gun storage. Basilisk asked that if I give this one away, I remember him. OK.

TTG. The picture is a stock photo but mine has a silver receiver as well, no disk but the barrel selector on the hammer. pl

Brad Ruble

Next time keep your eye open for a sporterized '03 Springfield. Look for something done by an unknown local and in the $250 to $350 range. Don't grab the first to come to hand. Keep looking.
You will find some of the most elegant and satisfying craftsmanship this country has to offer. There is nothing like what some guy is capable of making in his garage.

Richard Armstrong


The knife sharpener? If it is good enough to warrant a purchase on the spot I'd be interested in learning more about it. Por favor.

different clue

I know nothing of guns or shooting, but I saw a fascinating German video of bullets hitting targets at up to 1 million frames per second (it says). It is certainly super slow motion. It allows one to see the strange and wonderful fracture patterns or turbulence vortices (?) spreading and propagating through the targets selected.

John Minnerath

7mm Remington Mag? That's a popular cartridge, any good gun shop should have it.
Even Wally World.



It is called a "Select Tool" and sharpens anything in about six strokes. lawn mower blades, knives, axes, whatever... $20. Address: Select Products promotions, Inc. PO Box 363163, N. Las Vegas, NV. 89036-7136 pl

John Minnerath

When I was in high school I had a custom built rifle on an '03 action, also one built on a '98 Mauser action.
After I got out of the service and was going to school I had to sell them and a few others.
Those were lean times and that was a sad day when I did it.


Amazon has them.


That gun is purty.

Kim Rhode, USA, won gold in skeet at the Olympics. It's her fifth Olympics and she has medaled in each one. To top it off she restores muscle cars. Unfortunately she's married.



I told Besilisk that we have to start by licking it clean and then treat the wood bits with some wonderfult unguent. Then some Hoppe's #9 for the steel followed by the best gun oil. This to be followed by a ceremony in which we anoint ourselves with more Hoppe's and put some in the cocktails. If we were gay we could put a dash behind our ears. pl

SAC Brat

You'd think there would be a market for Hoppe's #9 air freshener. It could be marketed under the slogan "Go rob a different house".

Quick poll: Who doesn't like the aroma of Hoppe's #9?

Now if I could just figure out how to put my stainless steel and plastic pistol parts in the dishwasher without getting caught...

John Minnerath

Heh heh heh. I wonder how many of the poor uninitiated out there are wondering what these guys are talking about and what the hell is this Hoppe's #9!



You make my fantasy seem downright pedestrian but, then again, you have the Silver Fox and I don't have the GTO.

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