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06 July 2012


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Alba Etie

Gee I wonder what would have happened if this had been the Iranians stealing our nuclear triggers ?


AE et al

Sadly, one must say that the BHO Administration is only marginally less subservient to this enemy of the US than the Rebublicans. pl


Col: Subservience is the true cost of donor democracy.


Could somebody please arrest this SOB Netanyahu?


When "they" will be finished with you america, you will dry up and blow away like a crack 'ho....hehehehehe!

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Probably an exercise in futility, but this deserves a letter to my congressman and senators.

Now I understand Netanyahu's perpetual demands for Pollard's release.

Has AIPAC published an "explanation" yet?


Mike Martin

That would be Eric Cantor? pl

Mike Martin, Yorktown VA

Pat, no, one of Cantor's minions, one Rob Wittman. Wittman's home turf is the Northern Neck, but you know how well Virginia's districts are gerrymandered.

Maybe I'll really waste some time and write Darrell Issa with an idea for an investigation.


Why? He helped his country.

I think the folks you want arrested are all on this side of the Atlantic - actually I'd wager most of them are conveniently massed between Chesapeake bay and the Potomac.


Will Romney have the decency to disavow Netanyahu, like Obama disavowed Jeremy Wright? Not likely. They're too tight.

Like toto said, most of those I want arrested are on this side of the Atlantic.


Now how can we prosecute Julian Assange for what he did and not go after someone who help steal nuclear triggers from our very own inventory?

We are talking about devises that make living life on this planet rather very difficult. Not someone who intercepted and published a bunch of emails....

Oh by he way, those triggers are supposedly for the nuclear weapons that Israel does not have or will not verify it has...

Come on....

Alba Etie

Romney flies to Tel Aviv this week part of his overseas campaign . At least General Dempsey and BHO made sure that BiBi does not bomb Nantanz at least this week.


Have you read Vladimir Jabotinsky's "The Iron Wall"?

If Blaster goes down, Master will be sleeping with the swine.


Do I have this right, a guy who spys on the US and helps to deliver its most precious secrets to a foreign country to advance their nuclear weapon program is given multiple standing ovations by the US Congress? I confess, you can tell me all the historical reasons for this situation, but somewhere, I just don't "get it".

If this information is available here, it's known elsewhere. And nothing? Nothing?


The question is: how many similar operations is Israel still running? Also be aware that when they cannot get technology or information directly, they try to get it from your allies.



Like Australia? We got Indyk from you. pl


In a somewhat related issue….. In a letter to the Wall Street Journal on July 4 former CIA director James Woolsey said “pretend Pollard is a Greek- or Korean- or Filipino-American and free him”.
What is the definition of a treason ??

Buzz Meeks

Gas up the Enola Gay.

I suggested a while ago that you post a Traitor of the Week article. Time right yet?


I know. Can we perhaps trade?


"... former CIA director James Woolsey said “pretend Pollard is a Greek- or Korean- or Filipino-American "

Perhaps when ever Izis and their firster raise the pollard issue, then remind them of Mordechai Vanunu.



Yes Thomas, I have read "Vladimir Jabotinsky's "The Iron Wall"? Pure Evil!


Romney is dissing Obama for not visiting Israel during his presidency. We must support Israel while letting Cleveland and Detroit decompose from neglect. How does that benefit America or are we on a suicide mission to save Israel.

Alba Etie

What is Romney doing in Tel Aviv ? Is he carrying a note to BiBi from Adelson saying that the bombing of Iran will start the same day Romney gets sworn in ? You try to sell this as a screenplay in Hollywood - you would get laughed at - Your script calls for a billionzillaire with ties to the PRC vis a vis gambling casinos in Macau buys the Presidency for some empty suit thats been running for President for eight years. Then the Likud forces the USA into an undeclared war with Iran .

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