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08 July 2012


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Bill H

Well, it certainly sounds like Mursi wants to curry favor with the US doesn't it? Well, maybe not.

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Oh, we could make everybody happy. Easy. Rahman released to Israel, and Pollard released to Egypt.



My idea was sending them back in the same wooden box. I think your idea may be better.


Pollard will be paroled Nov. 21, 2018, (30 year minimum) as was mandated under the guidelines of the terms of his sentencing. So why is Israel pushing for early release? The only reason I can think of is they want to display dominance over the US by eating away at the edges of US sovereignty.

The Israeli government reminds me of the
Apaches who thought that they could take the power from a dying enemy, and the slower the death the larger the number of warriors that could feed off his power.


Excuse me,should have worn my glasses, that should be 2015. He will be released in three years if he continues to be a good boy.


Or, you could make me happy.

Rahman and Pollard to fight to the death in a cage match, and the survivor to be released to the opposite country...

OK - really, let's just leave them where they are.


Sorry, I didn't see this before posting my comment below.




"Moorsi" is the classical Arabic way to pronounce his name. There is no "Oh" sound in Arabic. There are three vowel sounds. These exist in both long form "oo," "aah" and "ee" and in short vowel sound as well but with the same phonetic values. Mursi's name may be pronounced in some local way but I am not responsible for that. pl

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