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27 July 2012


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Tony C.

With respect, how do you publish a post in such a barely readable format?


I wish it were tragic ("This is tragic because victory in a war..."), Mr. Sale, because that would imply some degree of self-awareness, some spiritual awareness, of one's own actions in creating the situation or the future. Our leaders don't exhibit the wisdom of self-reflection. Neither does the populace, en masse, the latter content to spout the pablum of government by the people, of the people, and for the people as if it were everyone else's job to exercise it. Thoughtful piece.

[Colonel, please reduce the font size so the article doesn't have the jarring line breaks. That would be easier than dealing with each line.]


Tony C

I guess you can't read. i am looking for a solution to this problem. pl


Well said. But what has God to do with War??? The comment about Russians (or better yet Soviets) not admitting to God's existence is a continuation of Red scare mythology which could have been approached a bit differently during the 50's. Killing those people who did??? Come now Richard......


Just a few quotes by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was in perpetual war as a military leader between 1911 and 1922, relating to the subject above by Mr. Sale.

"War should be forced upon and unavoidable. Unless the existence of the nation is in danger, war is sheer murder."

"Ideas can never be destroyed by force, violence, cannon and rifle."

Translations mine.


Mr. Sale, your post is quite provocative. I do not agree with the 'broad brush' nature of your thoughts on military leadership being narrow in many of the traits, knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead an army into battle. However, I am glad that your post presents an opportunity to discuss these thoughts and ideas, and to share contrary views.

Your post is deep in many areas, and I would write a counter post here in this comment if I continue to type. Suffice it to say, we are fortunate to have military leaders who, throughout their career, demonstrate the fitness to lead during the chaos, confusion and stress of battle; especially the battle we are currently fighting. Military leadership has evolved through the lessons learned from past and present wars, and the leaders and their troops are more disciplined and prepared than any previous who came before. We have less 'George Pattons' and more 'David patraeus'' in our military. Your post would have us believe otherwise.

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