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30 July 2012


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Moscow rules.


Yeah, there a foreign country...but we have such a special relationship with them. Moscow rules? No. Enver Hoxha rules



Don't forget that as far as the Israeli Swiss Cheese goes, Beijing as well as Moscow rules as well.

Paul in NC

They spy on us here, we spy on them there. Both spy on the other's spies (counter-intelligence). Is this a surprise? We probably spy on Britain and Canada and they spy on us as well. I must have missed the point.


Paul in NC

There is no point. I was laughing at the situation that you described. Perhaps the best point is that the Israelis are not our dear friends as Romney eems to think. pl


When asked for a reaction, Mitt Romney said simply, "I've talked to Bibi about this, and he said that we should give him all our secrets."

Paul in NC

I read this blog mostly for your analysis and views on the ME in general, and the US-Israel relationship in particular. The tail wagging the dog, and all that. Important stuff.


But the americans are not idle. They are always sending guys to watch closely what the israelis are doing. Everyday the israelis are under the suspicious gaze of freshly arriving Grants, Franklins, Hamiltons, Clevelands, Madisons, Chases, Wilsons. And there's more to come. Americans devised a cunning plan where they intent to drown israelis to death under a sea o money bills. No Moses there to help them izzies. Evil guys, those americans.

Speaking about americans, that was an impressive campaign by miss Marti Malloy at the Olympic Games Judo Tournament. Also impressive was the campaign of mr. Antoine Valois-Fortier of Canada. All that is gold does not glitter, but some that isn't do spark.

While I wait the bouts of my favourite fiery lady judoka Kayla Harrison I have dreams about being stranded between Hedvig Karakas and Automne Pavia in a neverending reply of their bronze match. Why you guys would rather be shot by some gorgeous rifle wielding lady is beyond me.



That ain't nothin', impressive is this synchonized swimming team. Their story will touch you to tears.



Israel operates it largest espionage network in United States, the very country which has donated trillions of dollars to the Zionist entity since 1960s and has shielded its crimes against humanity at international forums since 1948. In addition to Katya (Jewish spies), Israel also maintains over one million Sayanin (local Jewish collaborators who works for Israeli espionage network) around the world.


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