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19 July 2012


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Qatar is pretty harmless. It is a good and easy place to do business. They are only significant because they have well trained small forces that now have had practise in the art of UW in Libya. The Saudi plan for the ME is to replace governments that have different visions of Islam with governments that share theirs. they are well on the way to that goal in Tunisia and Egypt. The Iraqi government is oriented towards Iran because of their shared Shiism and so probably immune from the virus that the Saudis are spreading. Gaffney and Beck are ignorant, narrow minded, bigoted madmen. pl

Bill H

Yes, but Gaffney is at least a somewhat entertaining version of madman. Beck not so much.



I remember 2006 and the excellent real-time analysis by Pat and others at SST. But that was then. Now is now.

Syria may not be a conduit for resupply. Hariri and his Saudi supporters may decide to incite an internal conflict. Israel may have learned from that debacle.

My point is that if the wahhabi "revolt" spreads to Lebanon, Israel may try to take advantage to even scores. Of course its all arm chair conjecture on my part. There are others here at SST with significantly better analytical abilities and domain knowledge to address what are the likely to happen scenarios in the Levant. I would find it very interesting to read.



I try and run just as fast and as hard as I can away from the crap heads like Gaffney and Beck, and try and transfix on more pleasant things like the traditional Qazaq dance Кара жорга. We live on such a wonderful blue marble full of interesting places and wonderful people, pity that crap heads like Gaffney and Beck have their heads so far up their backsides they can't see the beauty of our little blue marble.

Enjoy the weekend.
қара жорға

also here's another version indoors
Кара жорга,Керім-ай

and another with thousands dancing

Mark Logan

Fred, so would I.

Just to clarify what I am trying to say about this, there is a post somewhere here about "Great Man Syndrome". It's about always thinking what one should or shouldn't do about a situation without considering the option of butting the heck out. I'm thinking we have a collective case of that in regards to the ME.

I saw Bill Clinton nearly weep recounting the "worst decision of his life", not intervening in Rwanda. Susan Rice..off-putting as her strident righteousness may be, I think it's genuine. Maybe it's guilt that's driving them. I don't know.


Bill, Fred,

Here is a lady you might enjoy focusing your headlights (eyeballs) on, lovely little (she's a tall lady) Oksana who has beauty, brains, and can carry a tune.

Enjoy the weekend
Все из-за тебя. Оксана Федорова



For your viewing pleasure, a very pretty lady with a beautiful voice. Little Makpal is a pretty Qazakh beauty with a voice that plays one's heart strings. Again, for your weekend viewing and listening pleasure.

Макпал Диханбаева - Ауылым Анiм (Official Music Video)

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