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23 July 2012


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And Syria will be worse still I think post-Assad with an opposition that cant even agree while having the same objective.



IMO the most likely outcome n Syria is protracted civil war. pl


"This disaster is the result of juvenile arrogance that sought to re-design a complex and ancient set of cultures"pl.

With all due respect... Despite the above being the stated public objective, I believe it was zion's intention all along to destroy the Arab world completely. It's okay I think they also have a plan for the US, just like they sold American butt to the Soviets (re:Pollard), they will sell you again in time to the Chinese and it will be fun.



It was not the stated objective. the stated objective was to safeguard us from imaginary nuclear weapons and missiles. if you wish to believe the neocons are not the children of Rousseau, have at it. pl


This disaster is the result of juvenile arrogance that sought to re-design a complex and ancient set of cultures. pl

IMHO, this is exactly what they wanted to happen...

Babak Makkinejad

332 dead and wounded on Monday, 07/23/2012 in Iraq.

Al Spafford

Over 100 of those dead per in 13 cities per reporting in Washington Post


I'm tempted to ask if the Morgenthau Plan was about giving germans better health care based on the diet suggested by Rousseau in Émile. In any case exposing hare-brained intellectuals like Morgenthau Jr. and Wolfowitz for sheer imbecility is sweeter than accusing them of being evil and almost competent.

Alba Etie

Col Lang
Given the tone & tenor of Gov Romneys speech to the VFW today - I am sure if BHO is defeated we will have many more 'excellent adventures ' with all the usual suspects back in Cabinet Postions .How does Secretary of State John Bolton strike you ?



I am inclined to think that in spite of the "advice" of people like Bolton, Romney would be constrained in foreign policy by the economic situation. pl

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