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09 July 2012


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For someone with no constitutionally defined power, Mursi sure knows how to make waves.

The military will have to decide whether to negotiate some important-sounding but ceremonial role for him or slap him down. What Mursi seems to be doing now is to try and maximize his negotiating position given its inherent weakness.

More important is the example Mursi sets. Already, King Abdullah of Jordan has apparently decided to bring the MB in from the cold, along with Hamas.


what else would you deem Burns good for?


Actually, it is William Burns, the Deputy Secretary of State.



My bad. It is Bill Burns. I know this one, not Nick. pl


Col: I wonder if Mursi will tell the Parliament to continue to meet in some concert hall or some other venue and treat them like a "board of advisers."

Maybe they can take the "tennis court oath."


If I can read lips, Burns may be saying "If the General's know what is good for them, they will do your bidding or no more military type aid to them"



He may be saying that, but the the generals may be saying that if we let the MB consolidate power we are dead meat. pl


The article says the guards are not there to prevent members of Parliament from entering. Perhaps they'll just be there to prevent them from exiting?


... and one can build on that and say that the interest in survival is a motivation that military aid can't buy.


I am in total agreement! Sometimes I think our State Dept does not know who they are dealing with.


Do the commentors here truly find the NYT to be reliable? honest? without a foreign political agenda? I ask because I do not find it to have those qualities, and as such I do not accept it as a source of believable information regarding any foreign affairs.
This is not to imply that I find it a worthwhile domestic source of reliable information either; just that I find its foreign reportage to be completely untrustworthy.


Of course it has an agenda. Completely untrustworthy? Probably not but it is also allot better than many such outlets in the US.

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