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02 July 2012


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I can think of one good reason for this traing which is to with collateral damage to unarmed folks.

I had similar instructions when the Australian army ran pay parades and paid in cash. Despite having a Six man detail armed with SMG's and carrying a Browning 9mm myself, our instructions where always to hand over the money and not to shoot except in self defense.

I mean, think of all that paperwork. I suspect a dead Agent is less paperwork than a dead Mexican.


I like the idea, as long as the units are federal police not military. Because of that I would de-militarise their appearance. No camo fatigues, just tan would suffice to make the distinction visible.

I think that in the terrain at the US-Mexican border horses are a very valuable asset.

The Austrians and Bundeswehr still retain some for use in the Alps:


I will comment at length when I have the time, but this is very true. The 'training', if you can call it that, was simply an internet slideshow aimed at the majority of civilian workers who are not armed.

I doubt that any of the agents will follow the directions involved though.



The US Border Patrol already has uniforms. pl

r whitman

Your military solution also contains bureaucratic elements from Washington, DC. I would rather see a plan concieved by people who have been on the ground and on the border actually doing the work. We should listen carefully to people like Tyler who has "been there and done that".


I was referring to the trend that by looks alone one at times cannot really distinguish between a SWAT and a SEAL Team. Whenever I look at heavily armed US police I see them 'geared up', wearing army fatigues.


The point that I was trying to make is that it would be wise to make sure paramilitary border police defies the trend of US paramilitary chic and try to not look like the army on occupation duty, say in Iraq or Afghanistan. That is because IMO looks shape attitude as much as they reflect it.


Traditional 'police' uniforms did not hold up to the rigors of working on the border. You'd be climbing a fence and blow out your crotch, or go to squat down and 'lay in' and blow the seam of your ass out.

The Patrol is NOT, by any means, traditional police work. A lot of it consists of climbing hills with an M4 strapped across your back in the middle of July looking to 'move to contact' with dopers. This is why many agents look like a 'paramilitary army', as you put it, since the threats (armed dope mules, corrupt Mexican Army, etc) are above and beyond what a small town cop in Podunk, USA is goimg to have to deal with.


While militarized border patrol units might have an effect, I think the ultimate solution is to heavily penalize the hiring of illegals with mandatory jail time if need be.

I doubt the political will for either.

The Twisted Genius


The Border Patrol is perfectly capable of designing their own uniforms to fit their needs.


The Twisted Genius

r whitman,

I'm looking forward to Tyler's take on this as well. I'd like to explore how my ideas would work with the current sector and station organization.

John Minnerath

To issue such a directive to trained, armed, and commissioned law enforcement officers is bizarre beyond belief!

r whitman

I live in a city that is heavily dependent on immigrant labor, both legal and illegal. Back in the early part of George W's presidency when he was buddy-buddy with Vincente Fox it was said that if you wanted a solution to the illegal problem you should select out the 50 highest income zip codes in the US. Then go house to house and pick up all the maids, housekeepers, cooks, gardeners, roofers and concrete workers. You would get a legislative solution in a week.


Love it.

Neil Richardson


I think the new uniform that TTG pointed out seems fine. At this point (pre-1991) Bundesgrenschutz seem like a closer comparison anyway.


I don't think them incapable of doing that, not at all. But as your own link illustrates, fashion has shaped the Border Patrol's choices.

"Leather belts with brass buckles are out; nylon belts with quick-release plastic buckles are in. Slacks are out; lightweight cargo pants are in. Shiny badges and nameplates are out; cloth patches are in.

The Border Patrol uniform is getting its first makeover since the 1950s to look more like military fatigues and less like a police officer’s duty garb. "

That is precisely my point. Ever since 9/11 the military look is very much en vogue in US law enforcement.



But then we 'civilised' them. And to my dismay, we're turning them blue now. Quelle horreur!


I believe Vincente Fox came to Detroit in either '08 to 2010 to give a 'vote Republican' speech to the local Mexican-American community. Nice of him to tell Americans how to vote. Carlos Slim - the richest man on the planet - was recently quoted as saying to fix the Mexican economy what was needed was - lower wages, longer working hours and delayed retirement! I think we (the US) should be sending him the tax bill for all the services illegal Mexican immigrants recieve but don't pay for.


You hit the nail on the head with this one!

steve g

Could not agree more with this
proposed solution. I believe the
MC deployed some units along the
Arizona border some time ago but
were pulled out after a Mexican
national was killed. Politics.
Putting units like these as a
supplement in Chicago would also
we be a good idea IMO. With 100K
gangbangers and over 200 murders
so far this year, 9 last weekend alone,
we could start by taking back some
US cities.

SAC Brat

Someone check Bill Jordan for rotational speed.



I like your idea actually, TTG. As is right now, assets are spread across two different bureaus and two different agencies. Air assets and marine assets belong to CBP Air and Marine, while investigatory functions are handled primarily through HSI. The 'reorganization' of the INS into CBP and ICE (separating the investigatory and enforcement functions) really does look designed to me to make things as inefficient as possible. The Patrol has no real investigators (as far 1811s). Even the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management have special investigators.

A lot of the Patrol has to do with its history and the culture it has built up. Right now there is a definite siege mentality among the rank and file and some of the management. Between Fast and Furious (imagine the response if someone from the 'Bureau' had been killed), Obama & Democratic attempts to created a new electorate, hispandering by anyone looking to score some cheap points, and the refusal to let us do our jobs, morale is at a low ebb. I say all this because any attempts to change the Patrol are going to be met with suspicion simply due to the fact that turning INS into CBP was a cluster fuck.

The biggest pushback from the rank and file would be curbing the excesses of management so they cant order you to sit on one location and watch the fence rust because someone called in sick. There would also be the issue of being allowed to do the job agents were hired for: all this cool stuff means nothing if you're sitting in a Tahoe being told to 'hold the line' for a shift. The entire 'virtual fence' is bullshit cooked up by contractors who have never seen the border sold to politicians looking to seem like they are doing something about the problem on the southwest border.


steve g

It was 1997 in Texas not Arizona.
Anti-drug deployment forces killed
a US citizen mistakenly while
on patrol.


A real enforcement strategy would involve not only enforcement near the border, but also in the metro areas. Right now ICE/HSI has that responsibility, but refuses to touch illegals who aren't a 'priority', instead getting thier fat little fingers mixed up with something more noteworthy like busting child porn rings.

What youre describing as far as MTOE is pretty efficient, TTG. I would also recommend relying more on fixed wing aircraft as opposed to the helicopters based primarily on fuel costs. I would also attempt to make the stations themselves more autonomous, with greater leeway given to the agents in charge at each station to do what they see necessary.

As far as interior enforcement goes, you have to be willing to send this new force into the cities, especially the sanctuary cities, with the mandate to yank illegals out of thier homes, no matter how many children and "DREAMers' cry for the cameras. You also have to get the judicial side of the house in line so you can start prosecuting and deporting these people, as well as the businesses that hire them. Right now 500 pounds of marijuana is considered 'personal use' in Arizona.

So if you get all those ducks in a row, I think your plan is excellent. However with the current climate in DC, and politicians with no clue being told by Beltway insiders about the 'Latino tidal wave' thats been predicted since 1992but never arrives, you will have issues enacting this.

That being said, Arizona has a law authorizing a border force to be created and trained. Something like this could possibly be enacted through those means.


As an aside, I would move Patrol HQ from the Beltway and down to the southwest border (so they stop catching Beltway-itis), as well as opening up 'interior' positions across the country for morale and to prevent illegals from moving to somewhere like Wyoming to avoid the Patrol.



I thought it was the National Guard that Clinton had deployed on the border. The kid was hunting rabbits with a .22.

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