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14 June 2012


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The Twisted Genius

Looks like it's back to square one in Egypt. PL was right. The military will never give up its gravy train.

Alba Etie

There has been some concerned raised about Jr Officers being more Fundamentalist is their views -and the rank & file might not support the Generals . Is this a valid concern ?

The Twisted Genius

Alba Etie,

I've heard that, too. PL would know better than I. In addition to being more fundamentalist, junior officers are most likely not vested into the the graft system like the colonels and generals. If push comes to shove, I wouldn't be surprised if a rift developed between the generals and the rest of the Egyptian military.


The Prague Spring ended on August 21, 1968; the Arab Spring on June 14, 2012.

mac n.

The proverbial genie is out of the...

Ultimately, this means that more blood will be spilled, but the ending, in my view, is not in doubt....

Mac N.

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