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26 June 2012


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So, what is the proper etiquette for addressing the cretins that disagree with me?



"My dear friend," or "My! My!." pl



That would make me a character in a James Fenimore Cooper novel.



Or one of mine. pl

rjj du Nord

WRT coded messaging: what about bless your heart and honeydear ????

rjj du Nord

honeydear always induces eyedart, flinch, then a nervous tic that persists for about an hour.

v. powerful.


Du Nord

The agressively competitive Canadians are all my relatives. God bless them.

"...honeydear always induces eyedart, flinch, then a nervous tic that persists for about an hour" Not in Southerners. We understand the welcome. pl

rjj du Nord

Go west a hundred miles or so. Perhaps it depends whether said Southerners are Hill People or Valley People.

rjj du Nord

But the Canadians are not "competitive." They are above that. It is more like knee-jerk competence.

Bill H

How about "my esteemed colleague" perhaps?


du Nord

West Virginia is not The South. They are mountaineers, but not Southern. pl


*heh* Even this Cocksure, ex-pat Canuck knows that honey always lures the bears...! ;-)


Gorgeous country, but you're right. Reminded me more of Pennsylvania than it does of Virginia.

It may be hill country, but I definitely got a different vibe from them than I did from my mother's people who are from Honaker, Virginia.



Even the Valley counties of West Virginia have become the North. pl

Medicine Man

My wife speaks highly of the forested areas of Kentucky; says it's quite beautiful. I'd like to visit there someday.



Good thang that most of the cretins/denizens who disagree with yours truly are not visitors to this blessed site.

I have even more subtle (yet VERY vile) ways to address them.


Poor West Virginia. The North doesn't want to claim them either; in fact, WV is the mentally slow sibling nobody wants to admit is part of the union. When I was young it was the state 14 year old lovers fled to be legally married. Today its mountain tops are leveled for the coal and most Americans don't even care.

Both of my paternal grandparents moved from WV to Ohio when they were children and never talked about the land east of the Beautiful River.


One of the things your average American, let alone the Acela-corridor fools who seem to run this federal, continental state, seems to forget is that "Appalachian" is a separate category from "Southern". Much of this confusion comes from the fact that the most physically isolated and poorest (in the economists' sense)counties in the US after WWII are indeed in the mountainous corners of Kentucky, NC, TN, etc., and other former slave states (but as Col. Lang well knows, the hills were not slave country, not in the sense of the Black Belt or the Chesapeake). Whereas in actuality, the Appalachians extend from Nfld. to Mississippi, more or less; only about half of that territory, if that, is in "the South." Go to Vermont or New Hampshire, in the back woods, far from the ski-tourists or the leaf-peepers -- you'll find Appalachia. Ditto Massachusetts and New York, states that are treated as uniformly urban but are far from it. Similar cultural traits -- a deep connection with the natural world, independence, suspicion of the metropole, tendencies towards clannishness, love of place -- occur throughout the mountain chain, from north to south. I suspect many of the differences in North vs. South Appalachia are differences between the to-this-day largely English (Old Yankee) inhabitants of Vermont and Maine vs. the majority Scots-Irish of the more southerly mountains. Nevertheless, a guy from the shadow of Mt. Washington will have more in common with a guy from the shadow of Mt. Mitchell than either will have with someone from New York City or Atlanta.

A bit pedantic, perhaps, but just a reminder that Appalachia runs up and down this continent.



In the Civil War plebiscite on the creation of WV the counties that voted for secession from
Virginia were the ones in the mountains in the eastern half of the state. the ones in the west voted against separation. pl



That showed good taste. SWMBO says that she has never been to WV without being insulted. pl

Alba Etie

One may also find the same Scots Irish roots in "Deep East " Texas - You will find a fair amounts of Harrells around the Big Thicket - whats left of it .



The Scotch Irish invasion of America begand in the central Shenandoah Valeey and spread west through the cumberland Gap to east Texas and all the way to California. pl


"Rules, in a knife fight"?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid



Are we bandits? pl

Alba Etie

Col Lang
When driving through western parts of Orange County , California it felt & looked like East Texas.

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