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12 June 2012


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Paul Deavereaux

Have a safe trip and enjoy the mountain roads.


And we thought OBL was dead? Think again. Radical, violent Islam is surging throughout the ME, brought to you courtesy of Qatari and Saudi money. And it appears that the "international community" is largely on their side!

The Twisted Genius

Keep your socks dry, gentlemen.

SAC Brat

Tracing the footsteps of George Marshall giving tours of Civil War battle sites to friends and visitors?

robt willmann

In connection with Shimon Peres being in Washington D.C. on June 13 to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from president Obama, a pitch was to be made by him to Obama to grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard. White House spokesman Jay Carney said that the "U.S. stance denying clemency to Jonathan Pollard remains the same for now".



SAC Brat

I wish it had occurred to me to do that. pl

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