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11 June 2012


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I'm surprised, monsieur. You in praise of the EVIL ikey mo??

You Persians are indeed FULL of surprises (enemies beware....)

Babak Makkinejad

The Nixon-Kissinger Dynamic Duo were first rate strategists - to be distinguished from the middle-class fantasists that followed them into office.

Nixon understood that US could carry the security burden of the Persian Gulf, Korean Penninsula and elsewhere on her own.

He understood and accepted the limitations of the United States.

That situation has not changed; what has changed is the willingness to test Nixon's understandings and see them for the truths that they were - at enormous cost.

Babak Makkinejad


Meant "...could not.." rather than "..could..".

William R. Cumming

Thanks Babak! A useful link to Henry K.'s thoughts on Syrian. Still predicting USA intervention formally before the election and Iran possible after.

A new thought and possibly mistaken. Could Romney use non-intervention by Obama in Syria as allowing the USA to be bullied by China and Russia?


Je vois....

Merci beaucoup.

Babak Makkinejad

The world has changed but not the perspective of US & EU leaders.

Russia, China, Iran, South Africa, Brazil and many others seek a sustained period of peace and proseperity.

Clearly, the US-EU agenda - like rich people everywhere - is dominated by a security agenda that is divorced from the realities of the world since the end of Cold War.

In my opinion.

China and Russia do not wish to bully US or confront her; they want to work constructively with her.

I am not sure US and EU are ready for that; Germany is.

Morocco Bama

In regard to Kissinger and Nixon, Nixon had a sensible policy as it related to Jews and the U.S. relationship with Israel.

Mr. Nixon ordered his aides to exclude all Jewish-Americans from policy-making on Israel, according to formerly classified notes taken by then-chief of staff H. R. “Bob” Haldeman on a meeting with the president in July 1971. “No Jew can handle the Israeli thing,” the notes read. Later in the one-page excerpt, Mr. Haldeman writes, “Forget the Jews — they’re against” the administration.

That stipulation explicitly includes then-national security adviser Henry Kissinger, with accompanying plans to keep him out of the loop: “get K. out of the play — Haig handle it,” says one note, referring to then-aide Alexander Haig.


The politically correct read this and gasp, but if you're really honest about it, and knowing what we now know about so-called Jewish-Americans and their true loyalties, this was a very astute and prescient approach by Nixon. I may not have agreed with everything Nixon did, but I certainly agree with this, and I'll make an educated guess that many who post here and read PL would concur.

Oh, and some food for thought about who/what really brought Nixon down. Think Dubya's father. Russ Baker wrote a book about Bush Sr., and regardless of what you think about some of the hypothesis put forward, it's chock full of incredible source information. It paints Nixon in a very non-conventional light. He's not quite the monster he was made out to be by the press.


William R. Cumming

Thanks again Babak! And it does seem that American Presidential elections often turn Mano a Mano!

Chris Bolan

I would characterize such a decision as more racist than 'sensible'. Your implicit assumption (without any evidence) is that American Jews are incapable of putting U.S. interests above those of Israel. I have known many Jews in the U.S. military and throughout the USG who have quite literally placed their lives and careers on the line to defend US interests above all else. An equivalent logic to yours would be to exclude all Arab-Americans from official positions dealing with any Arab country. This would senselessly rob the USG (State Department, for instance) of an incredible pool of knowledgeable, capable, and talented people.

Morocco Bama

I know of many American Jews in positions of significant influence who are duel citizens and Israeli Firsters. Implicit in that is a conflict of interest in appearance, and very likely in substance when it involves matters of having to choose one over the other. It is no secret that many American Jews of influence have duel loyalties, and there has been a concerted effort by this faction to manipulate U.S. foreign policy in favor of Israeli interests.

Chris Bolan

But 'some' or even 'many' does not equal 'all'!

Medicine Man

The War On Drugs has one key difference; the enemy in that war is explicitly the American people.

Andre in L.A.

I noticed several comments here regarding the loyalties of Jewish Americans. What is interesting is the report in Ynet IDF submarine fleet bans dual citizenship, reflecting the attitude of Israel towards those with dual-citizenship. Considering the strategic nature of cruise-missile capable subs, I must wonder what Israel contemplates in the future that would lead to such a policy.

Ursa Maior

Dual citizenship definitely means dual loyalties. One can only wonder why Germany does NOT recognize dual citizens at all?

different clue

Study their careers, actions, published papers, etc.; over time. Seems simple enough. Our host has several times posted entries on American Jews in the diplomatic service and elsewhere who have advanced the American interest in the US <--> Israel relationship. I can only remember one such name ( John Gunther Dean?)

And NixHaldeman's remark about "forget the Jews, they're against" the Administration would be referring to the majority of Jewish voters being liberal and voting Democratic and so forth, would it not?

Ursa Maior

Exactly . This phrasing is a gross oversimplification, yet the tendencies are worrying. At least from american point of view.

different clue

I notice that several of the English-speaking countries have dual-citizenship arrangements with eachother. Is this a carryover from Cecil Rhodes's dream of a grand world-spanning empire of the English speaking peoples?

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