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07 June 2012


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A little off-thread --

RE: "required by War College efforts to make us team players"

Col. sir,

There is simply too scarce such inter-dependence with the cretins in the "Gawdforsaken Region™" where I'm at IMHO, be it the workplace or in school.

Maybe a cultural meme/bad trait that's been passed down from my forebears:

"Watch your own gluteus maximus, ain't safe depending on nobody else."

Can't blame them.

Too many centuries of clandestine civil rivalry as opposed to territorial acquisition of foreign real-estate.


I will be looking forward to reading your novels which I recall are optional for purchase on Amazon™ as well as Barnes & Noble™.


Thanks. An interesting drive. It's a nice drive. I see your point on the slow road to recovery you saw as a student at VMI. (A comment of yours on another thread some time ago). From what I've seen there is still a big slump in allot of towns - at least those not too close to DC. Sadly our politicians don't take the backroads and meet real working people.


Sadly 'got mine' is becoming a common refrain. Too many now think that all who follow in their footsteps deserve less.

rjj du Nord
It stems from a culture where its members adhere to respecting their Elders.

I MUST remember that when I next speak to my Mother.

THIS IS A TANGENT. But this is an open thread.

Have been wondering what that imperative respect for elders was all about. Same goes the old timey Greeks who needed to be reminded regularly about moderation and truth telling. In the case of the latter, a naturally temperate and truthful people would not need the admonitions. Still pondering the former. Not enough experience.

But in the course of thinking around the question it occurred to me that [and this is the TANGENT] the days-of-yore business of placing women on a pedestal might have been to save the trouble and avoid the consequences of throttling them.


rjj du Nord,

"Same goes the old timey Greeks who needed to be reminded regularly about moderation and truth telling. In the case of the latter, a naturally temperate and truthful people would not need the admonitions."


Well played sir, shahmat. LOL! Thanks fer providing me with some laughs (& not a little embarrassment.)

Medicine Man

Col.: Any thoughts or comments on how things are proceeding, post-war, in Libya? Their elections had high participation (70%+) and it looks like European interests are keeping a prudent distance, so I'm cautiously optimistic.



I think things are going well in Libya. Messiness does not worry me. pl

The Twisted Genius


About a week ago you asked me if I was on Facebook or twitter. I don't do either for the same reason I go by TTG here... I don't want the notoriety. Nor do I crave attention. I was very active on Fidonet and IRC back in the day, but that was work. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I started a bathroom remodel and couldn't come up for air until it was fully functional once again.

W. R Henry

Colonel -
I hope you are making a thorough and timely recovery from Bell's.
My best to you for a full recovery.

At The Virginia Capes (where I watched the Tall Ships this morning)


"I MUST remember that next time I talk to my mother". That's funny. So far this year I've had to get my moms phone turned back on twice because of her actions. In addition, I got to explain she paid an electric bill 3 times and had a credit and not to pay the amount in brackets. It's a treat!

How are you doing, by the way? You've been quite chatty lately.

mac n.

Hello All,

I am in the middle of a debate with a friend who believes Bush II was one of the best President's in the history of the Republic. My view is that under his tenure, the strategic position the country was weakened and the Pax Americana shortened.

I cite Iraq as the obvious example. In response, he argues by opposing the invasion and occupation of Iraq, I am "appeaser" and that I "condone barbaric dictators (Iraq's Hussein) butchering his citizens and using weapons of mass destruction on them," and that I "am isolationist also, in your desire for the USA not to join a large international coalition in removing Hussein."

Do the readers of SST have any thoughts on this?

Mac N.


mac n.,
Your friend is clearly insane and should be institutionalized.

The Twisted Genius

My local newspaper, the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star, often features articles and editorials concerning the Civil War. This is not unexpected given this area's connection to that conflict. Last Tuesday morning while leisurely enjoying the paper and a mug of tea on my deck, I read an especially thought provoking editorial connecting wars on opposite sides of the Earth and events separated by 150 years. Rather than trying to paraphrase an already compact editorial, I invite the SST committee to read it for yourselves.


rjj du Nord

Sometimes it is good to do a systems check to determine if one's engagement in a debate about BELIEFS is motivated by a wish to persuade or a powerful urge to kick ass. Engagement usually indicates the latter (that may only be me).

Faith-based McMerit schemes are impervious to argument. Why not attempt a amiable and mutual quest for truth, the model for which is that old unemployed Greek sculptor who used to hang around the local marketplace asking a lot of questions.

Neil Richardson

To mac n.:

I really don't think there's an argument that would persuade your friend to change his mind. Ideologues aren't particularly susceptible to facts that might alter their worldview. You could try to replace Iraq with North Korea for all his points and see if that at least demonstrates the absurdity of his position. Saddam was a saint compared to the Kims as far as "barbaric dictators" went.

However IMHO words like "appeaser" seem to indicate that your friend isn't really interested in a debate.


Interesting connection. Wasn't that under Napoleon III? Aiding Italian unification at the expense of Austria and the Papal States certainly created some turmoil closer to home.


I think maybe he said we are at war with the Taliban resident in the FATA. The FATA is a place—"Federally Administered Tribal Areas—not a group.


Col. Lang, have you seen the latest f*ckery from the Panderer-in-Chief...?

Why Obama Will Free Jonathan Pollard...

rjj du Nord

Perhaps he imagines there will be a quo for that quid.

rjj du Nord

SPLATCHHH! sound of leaping to wrong conclusion. read wording of link as a done deal.


If Pollard gets out because of Obama, I won't vote. That guy is ours to keep. Spying for Israel is beneath contempt.


Does anybody know --

When was the last time the Israeli government worried about what we thought? I mean our government and Americans as a whole, not just their supporters over here.

When was the last time they were afraid of losing our support and did thing to appease us?

Among the many things that amazes me is that they have failed to realize that things have changed for us in terms of our financial position and our demographics. They seem utterly unaware that they are running out of time. In 20 years the huge, mostly white post-WWII generation will all be retired and many will be dead. I cannot imagine the minority-majority USA will be willing and able to go support the Israeli government as they've been supported for so many years by ours. And in refusing to continue to be led about by the nose by a uncaring parasite, the next generation in charge will be right.



Ha, ha, ha, ha! (laugh riot)

Thanks fer the laughs, dude.

The only reason I've been chatty lately is due to (not a very Buddhist interpretation) the "d**k-fer-brainz™" cretins I'm forced to inhabit with.

You folks indulging in my (matter-of-opinion inane) topics are like weekly manna for me.

Boredom is the norm in my neck-o'-the-woodz backwater. (How do you converse with folks who are y'know, d**k-fer____ ill-iterat-i™?)

What about you? How's everythin' with you & you kin? Oh cr*p, I forgot which State you're at. Sorry.



RE: "I don't want the notoriety. Nor do I crave attention."

Oh yeah, tell me 'bout it. Unwanted INVASION of personal privacy & space. Some folks are just real c**ts. They wanna know ALL of your thoughts.

I may seem paranoid but is there like some contraption that can mind-read or somethin'....some sh*tty gimmick from the lab rats of the Cold War era?? & have all your sh*tty thoughts broadcast to the rest-of-humanity? Maybe I'm just paranoid.... I needta get laid....

Everything's kosher if you don't want all the unneeded. I mean this site here seems to attract hoi polloi of a go(o)d nature. I wonder if it has something to do with our host?

They say in Mandarin: 物以類聚 [Wù yǐ lèi jù]

Birds-of-a-feather. Like attracts like I guess.


rjj du Nord,

RE: "Engagement usually indicates the latter (that may only be me)"

Nay, dear sir. We are of the same block (though yours truly might be so only on occasion: best not speak to me of ragheads or such related).

RE: "Greek sculptor who used to hang around the local marketplace asking a lot of questions"


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