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07 June 2012


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rjj du Nord

yes, Kung had a more subtle (not as flamboyant probably because he was looking for a real job) but equally effective approach, no?

Taras Laplaya

thanks for your response. what do you think of the sunni fighters? i am trying to put in words, what these fighters are capable of, is it similar to the viet cong?



I have seen nothing that indicates to me that the various Syrian opposition groups have thus far displayed any substantial combat capability whether in guerrilla operations or regular combat. To compare them to VC guerrillas or regulars much less the North Vietnamese Army is a joke. The Syrian dissidents seem to be good at international propaganda. pl

Medicine Man

Col.: I was looking for an open thread on the Athenaeum but couldn't find a recent one, so I figured I'd post this here. Could you pass along the following URL to Maureen: http://foodwishes.blogspot.ca/

My wife and I have been snagging recipes off of Chef John's site for awhile now. He's a bit goofy but he has some good recipes that are not excessively complicated. It recently occurred to me that the extended Lang family may find something there worth perusing.

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