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21 June 2012


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Couple this with Obama and the Democrats' abject failure to explain the intent and the benefits of Obamacare, and you have a prescription for legislative disaster.

In June 2009, James Carville laid out a short, sweet list of talking points to make the case for Obamacare. Obama ignored them.

Also, Obama stifled an early attempt to organize the 2008 campaign's grassroots for healthcare reform. Instead, the Tea Party organized free of any countervailing voice from potential supporters.

The great communicator of 2008 turned out to be an aloof, diffident promoter of his "#1 priority#" and everything that came afterwards. A leader who does not see it as his role to lead.



"Couple this with Obama and the Democrats' abject failure to explain the intent and the benefits of Obamacare, and you have a prescription for legislative disaster."

I agree with that. The republicans were allowed to get out front with the death panel silliness, etc., and that was that.

The dems were then forced to play defense and debate the issues on the repubs' terms.

At least 3 points the dems should have hammered home:

1. Obamacare allows individuals to keep their present healthcare insurance.

2. Obamacare allows parents to keep their kids on their helathcare plan up to age 26

3. Obamacare does away with the pre-existing conditions exclusion.

Ironically, I think if McCain had been elected, political circumstances would have required him to put forth some sort of healthcare plan. And my suspicion is that it would have had many similarities with Obamacare/Heritage Foundation Healthcare Plan/Dole healthcare/RomneyCare. The genesis of ObamaCare were those earlier republican plans.

There are many aspects of ObamaCare I dislike, but Obama--a grade A salesman during 2008--failed utterly on selling this plan.



4. If you lose your job, you will still be able to get health insurance. Obamacare offers subsidies to those making low and moderate incomes, allowing them to afford insurance besides COBRA which is all but unaffordable.

Thanks for supporting my position. I get a LOT of push back from people claiming that Obama did SO MUCH to promote his #1 priority. Often this comes from conservatives intent on proving the inherent unpopularity of Obamacare. But it also comes from Democrats whose tribal instincts motivate them to defend Obama regardless.


It is just so unfortunate that politics, unlike sports, has no clear rules. Thus, while there is some value in critiquing the way a sport is played, there is nothing to be gained by analyzing how politics has been played. Oh, and usually no one dies if they lose a football game.

William R. Cumming

The choice in health care reform was between cost reduction and coverage expansion. Neither will be obtained. And note that the SGs briefing and arguments in the SCOTUS are a scandal. Holder should be held in contempt by Obama.


WRC--"he SGs briefing and arguments in the SCOTUS are a scandal."

Just another indication of BHO's adamant refusal to communicate, the Bully Pulpit without a bully.


There is no necessary contradiction between cost reduction and expansion of coverage. There are such things as economies of scale - which is the point of bringing in lots of new customers for the insurance companies so the insurance companies in turn will give people breaks on matters such as pre-existing conditions. I dislike many aspects of the new law and I hate the idea of making people buy the insurance companies' lousy plans, but I do understand the necessity of bringing more and healthier people into the insurance pool.

Given that Obama put forward what was in essence a health care bill shaped by old Bob Dole proposals and a law signed by Mitt Romney, it's hard to accuse him of not trying to reach out to the other side.

The primary blunder was postponing the creation of the exchanges. The Dems thought that having the goodies in the bill kick in early would compensate for that, and instead the opposition has been able to create a bugaboo in people's minds with no effective refutations from the White House. If the exchanges were functioning and showing some success, it would be most unlikely that even this Court would consider striking down the mandate.

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