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27 May 2012


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I guess that the next time Whitey was out in the rain after that he ended up cleaner than he'd been since the day he was born...


Maureen Lang

Wonderful reading for a Sunday morning, Pat! Thanks so much for posting this. I was rooting for Whitey's survival right to the end there.

SST/TA has certainly gathered together a stable of top notch non-fiction & fiction writers: you my dear brother, Alan Farrell, Hank Foresman, TTG, Basilisk, FB Ali.....the list goes on & on to now include new kid on the SST block, Tyler. Perusing both of the blog archives is quite the treat for an old bookworm like me!

Will Reks

I was wondering what MI had to do with the rest of the post until I remembered 'analysis not advocacy' from a week or so ago. Once an analyst, always an analyst.

A very good passage. I like these little glimpses at the finished work.


I love these stories Albayim. You know, the best war stories are never about the war itself, but about something else, about the human condition... The background of war only acts as historical and contextual, and also as catharthic and dramatic counterweight.



At last, an account of man's humanity to rat. They take such a bad rap as a species (humans, I mean) that it is nice to hear that Whitey's apparent demise was met with universal regret.

Thanks for that.


Wil Reks

No. I was never an "analyst" until I was the head ME/SA analyst in DIA as DIO. Have you ever been in the intelligence bidness? At the time of the story I was commanding HUMINT collection operations along the Cambodian border. The unit was A/3/525 MIG. pl



The kid who shot Whitey didn't have a problem shooting NVA. pl


I had a white rat, Snoopy, in grade school. Quite the personality. Unfortunately, he died too early from a heat stroke. My sister was relieved because she hated the little guy.

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