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12 May 2012


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Paul Deavereaux

Isn't it obvious?


Something is seriously wrong with Florida's political leadership. 20 year minimum sentences? What are they trying to do other than guarantee income for private prison owners? Just who was the prosecutor - a 3 year plea deal? Why not what this should be, put the abusive husband in jail for violating the restraining order? If they needed to charge this woman (to get re-elected) then how about disturbing the peace or discharging a fire arm inside an occupied building.

Maxwell Ronkonkoma

The woman was black. Does that give you the answer?


the law can be an Ass. my friend used to say: If u want justice go to a whorehouse. if u want a screwing go to a courthouse.


Maybe they don't support warning shots?


Anybody know the NRA's male-to-female membership ratio?



As was her husband. pl


There are more details on this story at the Huffington Post.

I don't know quite to make of all of it (and that goes for both the criminal case and the family history surrounding this relationship), but the jury deliberated for only 12 minutes.

There seems to be somewhat of a collision course between the "Stand Your Ground" law and this:

"According to Florida's 10-20-Life statutes, anyone who pulls a gun during a crime receives a mandatory 10-year sentence. Firing a gun during the commission of a crime equals a mandatory 20-year sentence. Anyone convicted of shooting and killing another person during a crime is sentenced to 25 years to life in prison."

If your claim for "Stand Your Ground" is denied, it seems the consequences are quite severe.

Isn't all this far too hard for the public to understand and to judge for themselves? In a real life situation, with only a minute or two to decide what to do, how could ask yourself, "Shoot or possibly face prison for 10-20 years if "Stand Your Ground" is denied in court"?


It is the same prosecutor who is now charging George Zimmerman. The political system in Florida has been dysfunctional for quite some time and there is no expectation that it will change anytime soon.


Some facts to help understand.

There were two children next to the husband when she fired the gun.
It looked more like a missed head shot versus a warning shot.
Angela Corey was the supervising Prosecutor.
She left the room to get the gun thus Stand your Ground did not apply (she had time to think)
Florida min/max is ten years for brandishing the gun and twenty years for firing the gun.
She most likely would have received less time if she killed the husband.

The NRA is good at getting gun laws passed but does not seem to assist those that utilize those guns. No question this case has raised a question on Florida gun laws or the Prosecutor in overcharging


"Where is the NRA?" In this case? You're kidding, right?



So, you think the NRA is anti-Black? pl


I sense that we are witnessing an accelerating unravelling of American society. That is to say, The implicit understanding of common norms and standards (which are the cultural software for the hardware of laws and institutions) is dissolving. Without these semi-instinctive guides to behavior - and to judging it - randomness takes over. At that stage, there is little point in trying to make sense of any individual incident. Literally anything can happen in terms of what's done and what the reaction to it is. Any apparent patterns even are discerned differently in the eyes of one beholder to another.

Isn't the same true of our politics at every level? Not to speak of our actions abroad.


Sorry, I copied out -- but forgot to include -- the link to the Huffington Post article earlier.

Here it is:


Pirate Laddie

My understanding is that she retreated (to the garage?), found it locked and then returned with the firearm. Given the previous relation and the fact that the kids may well have been at risk from the demonstrably violent hubby, I think her only error was not offing the bastard. And yes, the NRA is anti-Black when given the option. After all, why do so may urban/suburban white folk have have side arms?


The NRA is far more effective in electing Republicans than in protecting gun users or the general public.



"yes, the NRA is anti-Black when given the option" After all, why do so may urban/suburban white folk have have side arms?" That's just stupid. The NRA is responsible for White people owning guns? There is zero evidence that the NRA is a racist organization. pl



So you don't like the NRA because you are a Democrat? Well, if Democratic politicians were friendlier to gun owners the NRA would back them. pl


When you shoot, best to leave behind no witnesses who can contradict you.

The NRA is for gun ownership, just not for responsible gun ownership. They will make a noise only in those cases that might cause the public to think some limits on gun ownership might be needed.



"I hunt, but I oppose the NRA"



Thank you for your anti-gun political statement against the NRA. Are you a member? Do you own a gun? Have you ever owned a gun? Have you ever fired a gun? Are you afraid of guns? What is a gun? pl

Maxwell Ronkonkoma

re: "There is zero evidence that the NRA is a racist organization. pl"

That's a straw man argument. Is the NRA "officially racist"? No. On the other hand, are there a lot of racists in the NRA? Probably. Is there some official lethargy in the NRA, when it comes to zealously leaping to defend a black woman charged with a gun crime? Probably so. It's not exactly a "politically correct" move relative to the NRA's demographics.

As an NRA member, have you asked the NRA why they haven't jumped on this? If so, what was the response?

Now with that out of the way, various reports on the case have mentioned problems with the case, such as whether SYG is applicable or not, due to various factors. These may also weigh on whether the case is a "winner" or "loser" from the NRA's perspective. So, while racist members or particularly leaders of the NRA may well be a factor; it appears there are other factors as well.


Col., I have no idea if the NRA is anti-black. I don't understand the NRA. You strike me as being very logical here -- yes, reason would suggest that the NRA would support this woman. I don't find the NRA reasonable. Here's Wayne Lapierre at the recent NRA convention: "It's all part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and destroy the Second Amendment in our country." Does that sound reasonable? Defending America against a massive conspiracy (of which I really see no evidence for) -- that's what I expect the NRA to be preoccupied with. A women protecting herself from a husband who has history of abuse. Not so much.

Paul Deavereaux

Mr Brenner... first off, speaking for myself.. thanks for your posts and comments. They always reflect a sensibility and clarity often missing in online banter.

Secondly, I'm pretty sure most Americans have a gut feeling that we're headed for hell and nobody gives a crap about fixing it. Given that (IMHO) common perception, it seems entirely natural to me that people are no longer pro-active for the common good but narrowly reactive for their own ends. Being reasonable is now a derogatory term.

Paul Deavereaux

Does anyone know the racial percentages of NRA membersship? Does the NRA publish such information?

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