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05 May 2012


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Alba Etie

Col Lang
Do you believe as I do that the "Persian Campaign " is a dead letter as long as BHO wins relection ?


Notwithstanding all the rational comments by knowledgeable public figures, I am guessing Bibi is considering:
1. Would a strike on Iran force Obama to aid Israel because of US election politics?
2. Would a strike help his old Wall Street buddy Romney to win?
3. Considering 1 & 2, if I choose the set a snap election for this September, would a strike after the Israeli election favorably effect the US elections for my agenda?



If BHO wins re-election, the whole foreign ppolicy game is different. pl

Babak Makkinejad

The type of questons that you pose points to a fundamental - and perhap irrversible - degeneration of rational discourse in the United States.

These types of questions as well as the journalistic war games and threats against Iran - a historic state is akin to listening to the conversations of mad men; full of cunning but devoid of Reason.

Truly deploarable.

Neil Richardson

I am stunned that Avi Lieberman actually said that. Something about a broken clock comes to mind


“History is the autobiography of a madman.” —Alexander Herzen.

William R. Cumming

What NO DARIUS or XERXES on the horizon? And here I thought the Israelis believed they were the 300 Spartans led by Leonidas!

Babak Makkinejad

I have heard that Harry S. Trumn was reported to have said "I am Cyrus (the Great) now" after the creation of the State of Israel.

Morocco Bama

PL, yes, it will be very different, and the implications will be different, as well. I'm sure that we can imagine what Israel's Plan A, B, C, D, E, etc., etc... looks like, considering. If BHO gets reelected, I say expect a false flag. If multiple Israeli Plans are spoiled, expect an attempt at the last resort. It begins with "a". If that unfolds, what would the implications be? That would make for some interesting conjecture.


Commentary by Uri Uvnery:



We had less degenerate discourse a hundred years ago but 1914 --and all that followed --still happened.

I credit crooked timber.

Alba Etie

Col Lang
Different how please?


Alba Elie

No idea what you are talking about. pl

Tim Vincent

You got that one right.
Obama told Medvedev (when he thought the mikes were off) just how different..

Alba Etie

Col Lang
One difference in foreign policy ( under a second term for BHO) I was wondering about is who decides which entity is lobbying for which country and therefore must be registered as such - specifically AIPAC . I thought that was an executive branch decision .

William R. Cumming

Depending on who or whom you think are running foreign policy now either Obama or Romney will be largely reactive not opportunists in any way shape or form. Neither have the foreign policy expertise or want those around them that would have their own agendas or effectively initiate on behalf of the USA.

Almost 50% of foreign policy experts alive in the USA dream on about the eternal verities of the cold war. Are Eastern Europe specialists and have no clue about South or East Asia or MENA. Academics have a tough time switching from those subjects that gave them tenure. All IMO of course.


What in particular do you have in mind?

The beaver

This must be an interesting interview:

I will try to get the complete video once it has been broadcasted

Tim Vincent

Obama's promise to be "more flexible" in his "last" (as he put it) term.
They were meeting in S. Korea.
Didn't you see the TV clip?



He didn't say for whom. pl

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