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22 May 2012


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From fairly distant memory I seem to recall that until 1990 it was fairly widely accepted (at least in the British press) that the Iranians - in response to Vincennes having shot down their airliner - contracted Abu Nidal's Palestinian group in Syria to do it.

Then Saddam invaded Iraq and suddenly a Coalition of the Willing was required, including Syria, and Iranian non-interference was also needed. So the Iranian/Abu Nidal line was dropped and no one knew what to do for a long time until Ghaddafi wanted to come in from the cold and the al-Megrahi thing was set up.

It could be that in return for doing time and not talking he was offered by all concerned a time limit which ran out and - with all the blame going on the Scottish government - he was sent back to Libya. I think his family was very well looked after.


This strikes me an emminently reasonable. Certainly isnt proof but does at satisfy Occams Razor.


Are the Iranians that good? If, I am remember correctly the kitty-cats, bombed a disco in Berlin and pinned the blame on the Libyans.


I have also heard and read that in addition to the fact that this was an Iranian response to the USS Vincennes incident.

The PAN AM flight path was going to fly over a factory that manufactured armored personnel carriers for export to the Iraqi military. The hidden explosive was timed to detonate over the facility but detonated prematurely.

Can anyone vouch this story's veracity?



I am very familiar with the disco bombing in Berlin and IMO the Libyans did do that. pl



The Iraqi military got all their APCs from the Warsaw pact and the PRC. pl

Babak Makkinejad


It is likely that PAN AM Flight 103 was destroyed by Libyans.

A similar attack took place against a French Airliner - please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTA_Flight_772

Libya accepted responsibility for both attacks and paid out billions of dollars to the families of the victims (as well as enduring billions of dollars of opportunity lost.)

Libya was not particularly close to Iran and I am not aware of any reason for Libyans to have accepted to be - in effect - fall guys for Iran.

On a personal note: my best friend was killed in the PAN AM Flight 103 bombing.

Rick Francona

Pat - my comments on this (pretty much as we always thought)



Good to hear from you. As you know I agree with all that except that I think MQ gave them up cold bloodedly in order to get a "deal" with the US and they accepted their fate. I don't think the Libyan government was the originator of the crime. As you know, I never did.

Marco Aurelio Farinelli says hello. pl

The Twisted Genius

I'm inclined to believe the Iranians and their surrogates were behind the bombing. I was in a unit that lost a member on that flight. The feeling in the unit at that time was that the Iranians were behind it. The evidence and reasoning given by PL and Rick Francona is pretty convincing. Especially Rick's final point that no one is crowing about the official story being proved right after the debriefing of Musa Kusa.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

I agree with the notion that the "Libyan connection" was a handy smokescreen , using a convenient generic villain. And, in my opinion the origin of the blowing up of PAA 107 lies with the captain and crew of the USS Vincennes, Pres. Reagan, and V.P. George Bush.


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