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03 May 2012


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Yes. Off topic. Put it in the last open thread. I am going to erase your comment. pl


The very definition of goodness....Christians never faced this issue....

Tell that to the Arians and the other proto-Unitarians. Speaking of which...

In the Inquisition records of the Cathars/Albigensians people refer to themselves and others as either Good Christians or Not Good Christians. "Not Good" is used so casually (no opprobrium) it jumps off the page - reads as if it was merely a way of saying heterodox. It also smacks of long usage - convention.

Medicine Man

The anecdote about Saleh and his some Ibrahim at the top of this conversation is interesting. I remember reading about there being a similar dynamic in the poorer immigrant communities in France, where the older family members are actually better integrated into French society than their children. The younger North African immigrants are turning to more fundamental interpretations of Islam in order to cultivate a sense of their own identity.


Well Arabization and being modern are not contradictory as long as Tunisians remain bi or multilingual.
I don't see any danger, at the contrary it will give a new boost to the Arabic culture if new ideas, visions, conceptions coming from the West (or elsewhere) are incorporated and diffused to the arab world



It could make for the basis of a good post. Between that and the health care law, it seems like the SCOTUS is pushing back against federal intrusion.



This is not about Arabization. It is about Islamization within the Wahhabi tradition. If you don't see a down side to that, you are blind. "Arabization?" Warmed over anti-colonial baloney that is about 40 years out of date. pl



Yes, but not yet. pl

Babak Makkinejad

OK, you got me there.

In that regard, do you know the basis of the designation; was it conformance to canon law?

Babak Makkinejad

There are many middle-class assimilated Muslims of North African origin in France who are children of earlier North African immigrants. They usually buy halal produce; that seems to be one of their most visible adherence to Islam.


Years ago in another life I worked in the ME....Saudi Arabia,U.A.E., Gutter, Q-ate...........and Oman. Before I ever went over for the first contract, I read everything I could get my hands on............so I would not offend. To not strive and respect other cultures......to not endeavor to see through their eyes.........is stupid and an insult to humanity at large. When other Arabs would find out that I had "Done Time" in Saudi.........they would say, "Please do not judge us all by them"..........nuff said.

OT..........Col.........I have a proposition......it involves good food and good times.........drop me an email so I can explain..........consider the following phrase which is my mantra.....

Pee K Twa

I look forward to the exchange. I do not always agree, but you have what I was always taught was the root southern heart.........honor.

Babak Makkinejad

Saudi Arabia was police state in 1970s and I doubt that she has changed since.

Later, after the Soviet incursion into Afghanistan and the Iranian Revolution, it was enormous sums of Saudi money that was spent to define Islam to a generation of young Sunni Muslims all over the world - lest they be influenced by the ideas of Ayatollah Khomeini.

The result was extremisms of the Taliban, bin Ladin, and other neo-Salafists all over the world. One need go no further than Afghanistan under Taliban to realize the abject poverty of ideas that informed such Muslims in governance, in law, in education etc.

"Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan"... what crap.

Might as well bring back he "Holy Roman Empire" too.


Not sure what your point was............I know all of that.........I can read and do extensively. If you are in agreement of my negative assessment of "The Kingdom".......we have common ground...if you were lecturing.....and being a tad condescending...well....use it on some one who has "never been there and done it".

The Wahhabi sect has much in common with Zionism, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Opes Dei and Franklin Graham. I have no use for any of the above. Just my opinion and two cents. And for the record, I don't really care who, if any agree. I have lived for well over a half century, I learn something new about something...everyday. It's what I do in my spare time.

Babak Makkinejad

That is all fine but no need to be so antsy about it.

What do you want, laurels?


This is excellent writing pl. Truly wonderful. Sometimes you really communicate your experience in a brilliant way. Much appreciated, as always.


Keep the laurels.........they don't cook up very well, and their market value as a commodity has decreased dramatically. Antsy?...maybe.... I meant no offense.....unless your intent was to lecture or condescend. Back to baking....timer just went off.

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