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08 May 2012


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Basilisk: You are the Hemingway of the gun trip. I enjoyed your story.



The .270 Winchester caliber rifle is actually a Remington "Sportsman" Model 78. This is a poor man's verssion of the Remington 700. This rifle achieves 3060 feet per second at the muzzle with 130 grain bullets. This a big game rifle. I bought it to have something to shoot at ranges over 300 yards. pl


We need to get that thing locked in at a hundred and then step out to to 400 yard range. I have a ballistic calculator, so we can work up the numbers.

Watch out paper, here we come.



Yes. Maybe TTG and/or Harper could go with us next time. pl


That's a pretty little rifle, Sir.

SAC Brat

I recently installed a blast shield above the trigger mechanism on a Ruger Mark III. It helps to keep the trigger from getting gritty after 100 or so rounds. Recommended.

Is it true that Gaston Glock saw that there was a market for people who couldn't reassemble Ruger 22's?



It surely is. I took it apart to give all that parched metal a nice drink of oil. The bore is virginal. It has a 7 power redfield scope on it that is plenty good enough for me. Nice leather shooting sling and a birch stock. pl


Thanks for the tip. I hate taking that Ruger apart. Give me a 1911 anytime. I can do that in my sleep.

The Twisted Genius

I have a Remington 700 in 30-06. Part of my recently inherited arsenal. It was a deer hunting rifle with just iron sights. Maybe I'll invest in a scope for that thing and join you guys in a long range Remington party. I also inherited enough ammo to see me through the next revolution.

The Twisted Genius


I fell in love with that top break H&R Sportsman revolver I tried out the last time we were at the range. Next time I'm going to step it out to 50 yards and maybe even 100 yards just for shits and grins. I also inherited a 1911A1 serial numbered for 1942 with a good supply of ball ammo. I'm itching to try that one out.

SAC Brat


Super duper good guy. Posts contact info several times during the thread. Maybe go to the end after looking at pictures.

See also


Beer can version, with drawings on page 2.


Brass stock version. Good blog too.

I wish I could shoot as well as my SS Ruger Target. Wide groups are definitely not the pistol's fault. Mine has a Volquartsen trigger, disconnector and sear, and I also blueprinted it (I used to make race cars and motorcycles). If anything I'd like the trigger to be a bit heavier, even though I used the Ruger springs.

I've have a Turkish 1911 (actually 1991) copy. Between the trigger action and the no tool disassembly it is hard not to think that John Browning could stack ball bearings, and be skeptical of modern pistol improvements.


No reason why that little H&R can't handle 50 yards. I have to use beanbags from a seated position--I'm not steady enough to shoot offhand at that range. A buddy has a S&W Highway Patrol in .44 Mag and, if you can stand the punishment, it does surprisingly well at 50 yards.

I'll be interested to see if your 1911 will eat my hand loads, my Kimber just hates 'em.

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