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01 May 2012


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In August it will be sixty seven years since the USA won a war. Many battles were won; a few were lost, but all of the wars since have ended in a draw or total withdrawal. Mr. Sencor is the spokesman for those who created a bizarre reality out of their own propaganda: a blue and white flag for Iraq. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Iraq

No one can explain rationally how signature killing of religious leaders and their acolytes while driving a pick-up truck down god forsaken dirt roads in the mountains on the other side of the world wins wars.

I remember when the United States was at peace and the government protected and served its citizens.


Amen. It's a topsy turvy world now.


In 2010 Senor pondered a run for Senate in New York. He commissioned a poll in which one of the questions was: "If you knew that the candidate had served the country in Iraq, would that change your opinion of them?"

Of course this was in reference to his being the mouthpiece for the CPA for a year. One wonders what soldiers and Marines who had served in Iraq thought about that. Also he had an internship at AIPAC and his sister runs the AIPC office in Jerusalem.

The Moar You Know

My takeaway from all this is that Romney will sell out anyone for any reason at all.

Not comforting.

Medicine Man

Someone needs to tell Romney how a Sistah Souljah moment works.


Well, it's not as if the views of a large sector of the GOP in regard to homosexuality are any secret to Mr. Grenell. Certainly he's a victim but not a particularly sympathetic one. He once had an attractive habit of tweeting nasty comments about the physical attributes of various female politicians and media figures and political wives, including one bizarre item picturing Michelle Obama "sweating on the East Room carpet." Eventually attention was drawn to them and he stopped, but if Romney had thought twice he'd not have hired the guy in the first place and saved himself a bit of trouble.

Alba Etie

Senor was a total toady when serving in Iraq .
" War is peace , Peace is War "
This guy is perferct for Presidential Nominee "Etch a Sketch " !


When I read Senor's "Yes, well, but how is that freedom, uh? How's that freedom?" back then I wondered if anyone could possibly be more monstrously, imperviously insulting than him.

To an Iraqi, a Sunni or Christian in particular, it must read like a particularly vile taunt.

That guy again in a position of influence? Good grief. After that quip he should be barred from political and government jobs for the rest of his life. You wouldn't ever let a surgeon or engineer back to work after screwing up as badly as Senor and his peers did.

Yes, yes, we're just dragging you people kicking and screaming to FREEDOM™. It's America's burden. One can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs. And yes, we know that young democracies are a little rumbunctious every now and then. There is some looting, there is some violence. Democracy is messy. You don't understand yet, but later, you'll thank us for this. Aah, children ...

Water? Electricity? A six digit rate of excess deaths? How dare are you ingrates complain after all we have done? So, how is that freedom? Will America ever get the proper "Thank you!" that she deserves?

Speaking of which, since Iraq is free now, what are all these Irais doing in Jordan and Syria? Curiouser and curiouser! Ah, yes, probably regime leftovers, Saddamites, fleeing the wrath of their countrymen! Doubt begone!

Bushmen, Neocons and Wilsonians were all talking like Senor at the time. The frightening thing is that it wasn't just one moron but an entire herd, and they weren't taunting, they were serious.

Medicine Man

They really do look at the world like a giant Risk board, don't they.


"You wouldn't ever let a surgeon or engineer back to work after screwing up as badly as Senor and his peers did."

They might. Depends where he went to school.

Alba Etie

Wonder if Ms Campbell Brown's agitprop supporting the occupation in Iraq was influenced by her marriage to Senor Brown ?


Alba Etie

I don't think they were married then. pl

Alba Etie

Maybe they were dating then ? I do seem to remember Ms Brown giving favorable reportage for the NeoCons from the Green Zone


It's absolutely right that Iraq's situation is not good. all of the people in Iraq suffer many problem. in this country's government should be good step about on this matter. as well all of the rich people's should be help the poor people. indeed, i want to the help inhabitants in Iraq.

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