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06 May 2012


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Bill H

It appears to me the machine applies much the same principle as the French press, which makes coffee of a unique and particularly wonderful flavor. One must not grind the beans too fine, and the proper length of soak is critical. The idea that water cannot be exposed to the coffee for more than a very brief time is absurd. Someone who cannot distinguish between a properly acid tang for coffee and "bitterness" probably should be drinking tea.


I've never dove the Keys - never dove anything tropical, to be honest (the South Pacific and the North Atlantic seem to be pretty much the same).

Did some lobster diving out in SoCal though, and that was fun even if it takes a bit of a knack to be able to 'bug hunt' effectively.


I was going to go diving up on the Great Barrier Reef when I was visiting my wife down in New Zealand last year, but my house got flooded and I had to pay for that. I spent a lot of time diving with my in laws though, going scallop hunting.

I'm looking forward to not having to dive in a 7mm suit. 3mm suits look so much thinner.


Maddow doesn't fire on all cylinders for me, much like Anderson Cooper. Sometimes they're honest and fair, sometimes they're quite disingeneous. I was listening to her argue with a GOP strategist over women's pay. She brought up the tired old saw about women not getting paid nearly as much as men, and when the other guy brought up the reasons for why that was, plus pointed out women make more per capital (43K for females v 40K for men) she went off on a tangent.

Detroit used to be called the Paris of America, and now its a sucking black hole that Michigan throws money into. Things cannot be business as usual when you've got a super majority of the population on government subsidies.


I like the Golden Dawn myself.

They're the total opposite of the invade the world, invite the world, in hoc to the world neocon/neoliberals that seem to have wormed themselves into every major Western government, especially ours.

They want a country of their own for Greeks. Good for them. Communism killed more people than fascism ever did but somehow they're acceptable because why?


If they're lucky. : )


There's no way we can grow our way out of this one. Best thing you can do is grit your teeth and get ready for the party.

Babak Makkinejad

Oh yes, the "Wall Street", the new incarnation of the evil "Eastern Bankers"; the perennial bête noir of US popular politics.

When the going was good, nobody except Pat Buchannan (the Conservative) and Paul Sweezy (the Marxian Socialist) were making any fuss about the direction that US was taking.

Morocco Bama

Either way you slice it, it takes hot moisture to remove the essential essence of the coffee, and that moisture, one way or another, be it steam or boiling water, has to touch the grinds. Yes, this one drips over the filtered grinds like so many others, but Technivorm has perfected that process. The device that distributes the hot water over the grinds does so in way that disburses the the water equitably across the entire grind field, and it delivers it quickly....much more quickly than your typical run of the mill coffee makers. As well, it drains fairly quickly into the carafe....and it provides manual settings to control the flow into the carafe. Some baristas prefer to throttle the process. Also, they've designed a unique lid on the decanter that deposits the recently brewed coffee at the bottom of the decanter rather than just throwing it on top. They do this in order to eliminate, or greatly reduce, layering of the coffee, thus ensuring a consistent flavor and temperature every time.

Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion, but I don't share it, and I think you're wrong. Of course, my experience with it, and the multiple oohs and ahhs from everyone who comes to visit and gets a cup from this maker, is anecdotal, but it's good enough for me. The coffee from this maker rivals coffee from a french press, and it blows any other coffee maker away when you consider the speed plus the quality. Yes, it's expensive, but when you consider how long you'll have it, and how much use your will get out of it, it's a bargain.

Morocco Bama

Bill H, yes, very much like a french press and the quality of the cup is comparable. When I do a half of a carafe with only three scoops of freshly ground beans, I use the throttling mechanism to suspend the grinds in the hot liquid for a period of time, in order to extract as much of the flavorful essence as possible. My experience has been if you don't do this and you're doing a half of a carafe, it will be too weak. And I agree, imo, it doesn't diminish the flavor to let it steep for a time. What will diminish the flavor is to let it sit in the carafe for half an hour....and that's why I drink mine almost immediately upon brewing, or shortly thereafter.

Oh, and try some Indian Monsoon when you get a chance. It's worth it.

Medicine Man

It's quite a boobie prize winning a "who's less terrible" contest between communists and fascists -- the victims of both ideologies number in the millions. At any rate, I'm not ranking them, I'm pointing out that the rise of both is a clear sign of how badly the mainstream fucked up in Greece.

William R. Cumming

Babak! Actually Adam Smith and David Hume wrote responses to your comment in the 18th century when they analyzed capitalism's weakness [they were both pro-capitalism]! Specifically they argued GREED could well destroy capitalism.

And I would argue GREED is not evil just inefficient and ineffective in the long run. Would you be surprised that no bank in USA history just like no airline has ever turned a long term profit without government assistance? And the nonbank banks damaged the US economy as much as the banks in last several decades. GE for example is a financial corporation primarily not a manufacturing corporation but this fact is concealed deliberately in all GE advertising.

Babak Makkinejad

I am familiar with all of that.

Then USG should take action along the lines of Public Utilities for power, water, and fuel; designate banks as public utilities and regulate them as such.

Insurance is already - de facto - being treated in that way.

But, and here is the rub, this will interfere with the efficient functioning of the market and harms it.

Modern economies cannot live without government intervention and cannot live with them.

One has to accept a certain amount of unhappiness, furstration, and dysfunction as being the necessary consequences of organizing one's economic life according to the ideals of "Free Markets".

Reminds me of marriage.


To me the bitterness is very appreciated in coffee. Depending on what method of brewing I use, I use diferently ground coffee. And to me coffee isn't something that I drink like water but with water. I can't stand the Schlöres variety of coffee that some people drink.

The idea about the multiple openings in the filter holder is not that the coffee is exposed to the water for a very short time only to avoid bitter coffee. That's not the point. It is about extracting a strong coffee without it turning sour. It isn't about the bitterness at all.

That said, I freely admit to be a narrow minded reactionary and technophobe as far as coffee (and tea) is concerned.

Except, of course, when it comes to the T8. That is fabulous technlogy.


Where you are right is that coffee needs to be consumed when fresh. That is essential.

Alba Etie

First congratulations on your marriage ,next I am an amatuer diver , & have much respect for divemasters. Btw a cheap dive trip is flying to Cozumel and staying at the modest El Cozumenelenos Resort. Finally do not know if the solution to Detroit's economic recovery is to in effect declare martial law - where no one can vote in any local elections or other local matters; vis a vis the Emergency Financial Manager law. The real interest I had for the Emergency Financial Management Act was how it may being used as means to protect banks & local officials from the derivates fraud that perpetrated by buying /selling derivative bonds .


Agreed. I just find it revealing with the MSM tripping over themselves to publish scary looking infographics about the "rise of the far right", while hardcore communist parties go uncommented on.


Thank you! I've heard Cozumel is a great dive experience, but I'm always iffy about going into Mexico. However I see its on the Yucatan, so it might be worth a trip. I've always wanted to dive the Caribbean.

As far as Detroit goes, I don't think there are many options left. I think the Emergency Financial Management Act is being presented as a bailout for those "evil bankers" much like the financial crisis was pushed solely as the fault of the same evil bankers. There's plenty of blame to go around; from the people signing the loans to the regulation that was supposed to promote "vibrancy" and "diversity", it was a perfect storm of mistakes.

That being said Detroit's (and Michigan's) financial issues can be traced back much further than the housing crisis, all the way back to Coleman Young and the white flight from Detroit and the other major cities. The EMFA is the cusp of 40 years of financial mismanangement by the Left. It is time to cut off the spigot of government funds.

Medicine Man

That comfort with left-wing extremists kinda annoys me too. Don't even get me started on university kids and their Che Guevara t-shirts.



I agree with you about Maddow, she's hit or miss. As to the EFM legislation - if they adjust bond interest rates or void a few then I'll believe their impartiality. So far all they are voiding is pensions. That's screwing allot of people who put in years and will now receive little or nothing. They certainly all did not create the current circumstances.



The banks are regluated. It is the elimination of most regulation in the past 10-20 years that is a big part of the problem. (eliminating the Glass-Steagal Act being the worst).

Alba Etie

Downtown Cozumel is about 100 % safer then downtown Houston . Tourism is the life blood of Quintana Roo and the powers that be take that very seriously .
Regarding the banksters -I miss the Pappa Bush DOJ - during the S&L fraud -1,000 banksters went to jail starting with Keating . ( Of course Neil Bush skated @ Silverado -and we won't even talk about BCCI ) -but at least some did jail time .


Che? Isn't he the guy who invented Abercrombie and Fitch?


Yes, I reckon we'll see how this works out in how it actually works versus what it was intended for. If it is to hose the little man, I agree with you wholeheartedly. However most of the noise coming out of the Left has been that it is some sort of rayciss corporate giveaway with evil whites circumventing the elected black government of Detroit.


Is that the case? I will really have to make arrangements for a trip down there.

Its amazing how much has changed regarding justice in such little time. I guess it is just speeding up the train wreck that's waiting for us at the end of it all.

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