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25 May 2012


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Mr. Babak Makkinejad,
Thank you for your comments too, though I disagree with most of them I appreciate them. But I can not understand this defeated people thoery of yours based upon attire and music. Are modern Greeks a defeated people? Are Turks? I can not tell one from the other. I think you are referring to a clash of civilization where none exists, only diffusions between cultures and faiths, all in search of universal truths and values. The definition of civilization also, can not be subjective, that is judging one civilization or culture in comparison to "The civilazation" one maintains. Margaret Mead had held the belief that each civilization should be judged within its own terms and values. So, a civilization really can not be defeated, if say, they are adopting one way of dressing over the other. By your count, if a clash of civilizations exist, and USA is on one side, 99% of world's youth is defeated because the dress like any American teenager, with baseball hats, T shirts and jeans, all American inventions.
Instead, people discover that jeans are more comfortable than shalvars, rock and roll and Jazz sound great and Hamburgers taste yummy. My point in short is that there is no adverserial positioning between cultures, but an inevitable and eternal diffusive process that goes both ways. As Chinese teenagers wear jeans, Chinese food and restaurant dominate the US cousine. Sweeden wins Eurovision represented by a Morocco born Sweede Turkey is represented by a young Jewish musician.

And about Ataturk, there is a definitive book written about him a by Prof.s Volkan Namik and Norman Itzkowitz called "The Immortal Ataturk:
A Psychobiography". I benefited from it forming my opinions, you will see that it is a scholarly book and no idolizing romantic pop propoganda.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.

You express a point of view that is not supported by historical evidence.

The Civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome, Iran are all dead.

There was no question of diffiusion of ideas and methods here, they were obliterated because, in my opinion, the core ideas upon which those systems were built were abandoned by men.

I think you are in a state of denial when it comes to Clash of Civilizations - ignoring empirical evidence.

Islam tried to destory both Christianity and Hunduism.

Later Christianity tried to do likewise to Islam.

And I think the current events since before the attacks on US in 2001 must best be understood as a religious war - a civilizational one, no doubt.

Jeans, fast-food etc: I actually think that Shalwars are more comfortable - ask any Kurd. Their widespread usage is because of a phenomenon well-known elsewhere.

That is; the poorer people emulate the richer people. Thus the people in other countries emulate, mimic and otherwise adopt the ways of the dominant civilization of Earth - the Western Civilization and its highest exponent, the United States.

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