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20 May 2012


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This is among the most frightful measures I've seen in my life to date. I'm speaking as a former instructor in the US Army PSYOP School, Fr. Bragg, NC; PSYOP Staff Officer in the US-Korea Combined Forces Command; and PSYOP Staff Officer in the US Pacific Command. Since then I have watched with considerable unease over the years as some influential PSYOP "leaders" have sought to push the envelope to include so-called "information operations" directed at our fellow Americans. To allow this would be to say "Goodbye America". In fact, we need more Americans to stand up and be heard, but not controlled by a government operated program designed to "inform" us and lull us into more disasters like Iraq and Afghanistan, just to mention the latest misadventures. We need thinkers who question not brainwashed yes-men.

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