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11 May 2012


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Thank goodness. Best of health.

Bill H

Uncomfortable, I hope you recover, and quickly.


Good luck with it Col! I got hit with Bell's Palsy of larynx 15 years ago.


jonst. Thanks. How lond did it last? This one does a lot of my face and infere's with speech and swallowing. pl

Nancy K

My husband had Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (Shingles of nerves of ear and face) which left him with left sided facial paralysis for months. He also is on the road to recovery.
Hope you are well real soon.


Good luck with your malady as I hear it takes time to resolve but it resolves. I look on all our malady's as time spent in Penance here on earth.

Alba Etie

Col Lang
Pray for your speedy recovery .

Alba Etie

meant to say we pray for your Speedy Recovery ..


Col, please try acupuncture. It did wonder for lots of people with this illness.


Get well soon.


Sounds quite unpleasant.
Get well Mr. Lang.
Gute Besserung!


...and one morning you will wake up and it will be gone. Soon I hope.

W. R Henry

Colonel -
The ex-wife had a few years ago. I checked with the daughter this evening and she said the acute phase was about a month, but the recovery took about another three months or so. She said her mother still has some slight facial "droop" from the Bell's. The daughter strongly recommended adhesive eye patches to keep the eye closed while you sleep.
My best wishes to you on getting through this, and hope you achieve a full recovery.

At The Virginia Capes

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